Datura/Jimson Weed experiences?

mad_gardenerJanuary 6, 2009

I've heard that Datura (also called Jimson Weed) is illegal in some places. Does anyone know if it's illegal in any counties in Georgia? Also, I do have pets and worry about the plant's effect on animals. My pets are indoor only, but in case they get into the yard should I worry? Does the wildlife mostly stay away from this plant?

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Animals usually avoid the plants, because of it's pungent odor and taste, but will consume them, if no other forage is available. Animal poisoning usually occurs when the plant is harvested, along with other crops and then fed to animals.
During my youthful years, growing up on a farm, it was my assigned duty to ride the pastures and hayfields on horseback in search of and remove any Datura plants found growing there. They were a different species than those found in GA, but just as toxic, nontheless.
Poisoning of humans is more common than in domesticated animals, because of experimentation with the narcotic and hallucinogenic effects of consumption of plant parts. Children are often a victim, because of the attraction of the flowers. Their nectar is also toxic.
It must be noted that the Datura seed is an important food source for a number of songbirds, the Northern Cardinal (Redbird) for one, in the Eastern US. Guess that would explain why the introduced species, Datura stramonium (Jimsonweed), is found in 48 states, DC, PR, VI & 9 Canadian Provinces!
This species, along with some other Datura species are classified as noxious weeds almost everywhere they are found, but to my knowledge, thay are not banned in GA.
Many gardeners grow them, along with their sub-tropical cousins, the Brugmansias, as ornamentals.
If you plan to plant them, it may be prudent to determine if local ordinances ban their cultivation.

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Thanks Rb!

There is someone down the street who grows what I think are Brugmansias, but I'll check the local ordinances & re-read the covenants for my subdivision just in case! What you said about the seeds is interesting -- I wasn't aware that birds liked them. Fortunately, I'm also interested in attracting more birds to my backyard. I find hummingbirds particularly fascinating, and have been working on planting flowers that they will enjoy.

Thanks again!

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Pets don't really mess with it,too much.

Here is a link that might be useful: new songs for gardening to

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