Is anyone else planting Spring bulbs now?

organic_gardenhag(7)January 27, 2013

I am finally getting to planting my daffodils and tulips, also picked up some lily of the valley, and have some muscari I saved from last Spring. I like to do them all in layers, in the same hole. Since some are certainly growing already, should I stil give them some bone meal, it won't be too much for them would it?
. I dug all the holes today, and sorted them them all loose into pots tonight, the plan is to get them all buried tomorrow. I have 358 of them, a little crazy I know, but I am taking a chance. I am planting most of them in the best raised bed, amended soil, and hoping they survive the Summer.

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vicki7(z7 N.Ga.)

I'm not planting any, but I have planted them around Christmas in the past. They came up and flourished with no problem. The big box stores used to have lots of spring bulbs marked way down around this time, but this year I haven't seen any (or I would have bought some) I don't know about bone meal since I've never used it.

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Vicki, do they survive the weather and soil, and keep blooming following years? I did buy most of them at 50-75% off, before Christmas, and could not resist, though most people around here do not plant them, and say they don't come back. i have made alot of of soil amendments, so hoping they will. After scouring all my books for a yes or no, I planted them w/o any, confident, giving them a good water soluble 10-110 fertilizer when the poke out of the ground. Some were already growing, close to 300, 30 holes, daffodils, tulips, muscari, and some lily of the valley in the part shade areas. It was a lot of work for just one shot, hoping to be WoWed by them for several years, at least.. The last ones were tucked in about 9:30pm tues, just before the tornadic weather came through and hit our little town, they are well watered in. I will let you know how they do, for futere reference for anyone else planting them last minute.

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I thought I was the only one to plant their bulbs way late. I should have done it in Oct. but kept putting it off. I got mine in the ground 1/21. It was such a warm day and they already were making roots and shoots. I hope to get some flowers this year, but if not, next year for sure.

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pam_3(GA 7b)

I planted some daffies late, too. They're not up, so we'll see! I've generally had pretty good luck with planting daffodils late. They just have come up later. I think the muscari should also be fine. No idea about tulips, tho!

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natalie4b(7b GA)

Daffs and muscari come year after year for me with problem. Tulips are another story. First year they bloom beautifully; second year - with less enthusiasm; third year - mostly foliage. I do love them dearly, but purchase mostly on deep sale - would rather invest in better performers.

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The tulips need a colder winter than we have to rebloom the next year. When I was a kid in central NY the tulips came up every year and bloomed. I have had the same results as you here in the south. I also miss the old fashioned lilacs, they smell like heaven but also need colder winter, cooler summers. I will live without them to have our earlier springs, later falls and lighter winters.

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Here in North Atlanta, my Daffodils are already starting to bloom and starting coming up a few weeks ago!
They are selling tulip sprouts in the garden center, and I've seen bulbs for sale in other places!!

Also, my Purple Bearded German Iris have been blooming for 3 weeks now and they are STUNNING.

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