Fully automatic mini climate controlled garden for balkonies

ecosystemJune 9, 2013


my vision is it to develop a mini wheather box for my sweet phepper plants. This makes especially sense due to the two year fruit period of this great plants - and my appetite on sweet phepper salad;) Well, if I'm successful I ask myself, if I can decouple the climate with a low amount on external energy - mostly should be delivered directly by the sun, also in winter - is there any reason a plant like e.g. strawberries won't bring me fruits in winter?

I'll controll and log everything: Temperature, Light-Spectra (Actuators will be RGB LEDs, IR- and UV Leds), CO2 concentration, and humidity. I'm thinking also about air-pressure and magnetic field.

Is this overkill? Due to my fascination in creating a system which is fully monitored to understand the result of the growth better, I'll integrate as much sensory as possible, but if anybody could share his experience with me this would be great! If not, whish me all the best, that my project at
http://www.startnext.de/en/e-cosystem will be funded for making my vision real.

I'm looking forward to any kind of feedback or even support - morally or funded!

With kind regards

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