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nippersdadFebruary 13, 2009

What a strange winter! I can't recall the star magnolias and pears ever blooming before the daphne before. Hopefully it will cool off again before everything starts to bud out. Our hollies really haven't recovered from the early freeze we had two years ago yet!

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I was driving through Dunwoody this past Friday and was also surprised to see 'Bradford' pears blooming along with the early cherries and two big maples (the maples are in front of the Dunwoody Library).

The daffodils seems reasonably "on time" and provide a cheery sight. Only a few blossoms have opened on my daphne (and the foliage is looking pretty cruddy after this winter).

Of the native ephemeral plants, I have Hepatica blooming and trout lilies. Still too early at my house for Bloodroot and Trilliums to even show any foliage. The foliage of Toothwort is up though. A few woody plants are pushing out new foliage in a modest way - I hope we don't get a cold spell. It looks like it could get down to 25 degrees one night this week, but I think that could be ok.

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Blooming trout lilies! I envy you your soil.

The Daphne here started to bloom this weekend, along with the forsythia, red maples and japanese quince. Everything seems about a month early (save for the daphne and hellebores); I was hoping to take advantage of better memories than mine for precedent. I am going to start really worrying when the plums, peaches and tulip magnolias start in.

In the meantime, though, doesn't it all smell wonderful!

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