Help me choose a jasmine from Logees!!

kris2001(6a - s.e.PA)May 26, 2009


I am buying few plants from Logee's. I need to add a jasmine in that order.I live in s.e.PA (z6a) and here is what I need:

Jasmine that can grow in a pot. That can be moved into my basement which can get to 48F min. in peak winter. So it needs to go dormant and come back reliably in Spring.

Jasmine that has a long bloom time.

My Choices so far are:

Hardy jasmine

Poets jasmine

Please suggest what I can get from Logee's only! Pls use link below and search by "jasmine".

Tks--Kris z6a

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kris2001(6a - s.e.PA)

Can someone advice me here? I have a week to change my order...!


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IF I was to order from logees again (I won't), I would go with the hardy jasmine, much less tempermental than the poets, and it may survive. I finally got a 2nd maid of orleans to stay alive from them, and the funny thing that a cutting I took from the plant seems to be doing better than the mother plant.

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I'm with mersie, the grandiflorum types are easier to flower, but then again I don't like the fragrance of the poet's jasmine that much anyway.

You might consider the trachelosperum 'mandianum' aka Asian Jasmine -- not a true jasminum species but very tough and awesome cinnamon fragrance!


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thebadseed(5B NJ)

Go with the hardy jasmine. It may be hardy to our zone - I usually bring mine in, but I'm going to put out a cutting and see how it does. It's easy to root it if you want more. You do have to cut it back pretty hard. I don't know if it will go dormant, but it needs quite cool temperatures to flower well. It smells REALLY wonderful and you can make tea from the flowers.

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Chris, if you're looking for an interesting Jasmine, one that blooms year round, evergreen, go with 'Maid of Orleans.' The best nursery to buy from is Accents For Home and Garden. He sells other Jasmines, too, much larger, (4" pots, not 2 1/2) less expensive, and healhier than Logees. Toni

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