raspberry nightmare

lenahall(7b)February 18, 2013

i received a few thornless raspberries last year and threw them in a bed i had prepared for blueberries. they have absolutely taken over. i definitely did not stake them properly. i've read about driving t-posts and running heavy wire... my question is this. they are planted at the end of the bed, should i extend the bed to the left of the bushes, move them, or just do the t.posts, but have them come up and veer to the right?

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buford(7 NE GA)

I have wild raspberries in my yard. They are very similar to climbing roses. The canes look very pliable. I would see if you can position the canes to the right. I use posts and wires for some of my roses and it works very well. And since you don't really worry about how the raspberries look, I'd do what's easiest for you.

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thanks :)

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raspberries are very invasive, and will jump hundreds of feet over the course of a few years if you let them.. I know this sounds amazing, but it's possible. ONE HUNDRED FEET in just 3 years.. I'd like to see someone try and prove this..

What makes it worse is that if you're only dealing with a few square feet, you can be sure the raspberries will have a hold, and fast.

It makes it nice, if you have a place to just throw some of them, because they do well in the strangest of places.

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