What did you do on this lovely weekend?

bagsmom(7)February 22, 2010

It was spectacular, wasn't it? I got so much done! Cut back all the crazy ivy on the property line. Our neighbor's yard is above ours, with an old stone wall to divide the two lots. The ivy goes wild, so I have to cut it all a couple times a year. My shoulders will be sore! (In a good way!)

I weeded quite a few beds.

Moved some Maximillian Sunflowers to an area with more sun.

Amended beds with mushroom compost.

Planted peas and green onions.

Mulched up some more leaves and added to beds.

Refilled all the birdfeeders and cleaned out the birdbath.

Finally bagged up all the rose prunings I forgot and left lying on the ground. (Note to self: Better to do this right away. Once they dry, they are even more deadly!)

Moved a crabapple tree to the back yard for the birds. It isn't as ornamental as I thought it would be, so it is now out in the wild back area.

Whew. It was so fun, though!!!!!!!

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Wow - that was a lot of work!!

I spent time on Saturday pulling invasives out of Dunwoody Nature Center natural areas - liriope, chinese privet, English ivy, wisteria, Elaeagnus, japanese honeysuckle, even a one bush honeysuckle. If anyone has any doubt if and how these things spread, just visit this place! Other workers were there to plant natives in some of the cleared areas.

On Sunday I was on a plant rescue and brought back some nice shrubs - viburnums, azaleas, and a lesser known one called "Lyonia" or "maleberry". By the time I got home, I was too pooped to do anything in my yard, but I did walk around to see what spring ephermals were coming up. Found the dappled leaves of Trout Lily and some Toothwort.

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

I wanted to mend the beds and sow a few things, but instead, I worked to cleanup the curbs in front of our community garden, help a neighbor plan a drainage/flooding issue with a couple of other neighbors, I planted a 7gal montmorency cherry and 40" bareroot stella cherry (whip) to replace a couple bareroot montmorencies that never took last year, and repotted some of my rooted fig cuttings into 1gal containers. Was my wife's birthday this weekend, so there was a lot of other things that needed to be done ... I wanted to get all of my heirloom tomato and pepper seeds started, but it never happened.... might try to do that tonight, if I get a minute.

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Didn't accomplish nearly enough!
Cleaned up an area littered with broken limbs, pine cones & needles, removed many saplings and small Ivies (thanks, birds & tree-rats, for making my garden work more strenuous!), dug several yards²of Liriope, spaded area for 2 raised bed extensions, planted a large shrub and a small Daphne odora and several perennials, that had been waiting far too long!
Also, planted a few dozen Daffodils, that had been overlooked and forgotten. They probably won't bloom until next year, but they were beginning to sprout and needed to be planted.

Sunday afternoon, went to the HD to pick up amendments & peat. By the time I loaded a cart, then my vehicle and unloaded the water-laden bags at home, then mixed about 25 gal. of "home-brew" potting mix, my back began to groan: Enough, Already!
That ended my weekend, with a lot of planned work, unfinished!
The potting mix is for a shipment of plants from the frozen tundra, up "nawth", due here on Thurs., But it's very cold and snowing there today, so they may be delayed. That would suit me!

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Ok. Lets see!
I planted 80 more onions; 8 hills of potatoes; Added amendments to some vacant beds, Started some more seeds in my cold frame; Pruned crape mirtles; cheched the seeds I have planted before(Very important !) and potted a package of strawberry roots that I bought from WM.

Still it is pretty much cool crop season. My bok choys have germinated in the cold frame, nothing else has. But I am growing little bit of everything inside under a shoplight. So far I have toms(3v), pepps(4v), stevia, eggpls(3v). I added some pequin chili.So far I have cubanelle, habs, two ornamental(name ??), poblano and pequin.
Just trying to keep mentally occupied and to shed the cold winter blues.

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dianega(7 - ATL)

We decided to spend Sunday hiking the trails at Red Top Mountain (at Lake Allatoona) with the little ones. They had a ball exploring & it sure was more fun than weeding out my garden! I figure I'll get to that when the weather turns nice again & they're in school.

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What a spectacular weekend!

Me, I did some basic clean up. I Got some invasive ivy off of most of my trees, moves some leaves around, cleared a few walking paths of some small tree limbs and other debris, and trimmed a few bushes.

Then it was time to drink a beer while eying the fruits of my *exceptional* raking skills.

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