Central Ohio Fall Garden Swap 17 September

alison(6b/OH)July 20, 2011

We had so much fun last fall, we're doing it again!

Terri D. and I will once again be hosting a garden swap this fall, at Terri's Columbus home.

Just like the spring swap in Hilliard, we'll have some time to meet and chat, a potluck lunch, and plenty of plants to share. I don't know if we can replicate the amazing free pile donated by Mouse's mom last fall, but I know we'll have plenty of plants!

Here's the particulars:

Location: 3755 Atwood Terrace, Columbus (directions to follow)

Date: September 17th (it's a Buckeye away day -- and an evening game to boot!)

Time: 10:30 - ? (when all the plants are gone and there's nothing left to eat!)

Bring your plants, a dish to share at the potluck, a lawn chair if you've got one and -- an appetite for some fun!

We'll start to set up around 10:30, so early birds can come on down.

Swapping will start around 12:30 (earlier if we get restless!) As with the spring swap,it's a round robin style swap. When we call round 1, everyone can take a plant. Round 2, everyone take a plant. Round 3, take 2 plants... etc, and you can take home up to as many plants as you brought. If you bring 50, you can take home 50. If you bring 5, you can take 5.

Looking forward to another great chapter in the garden swap, and hope to see a lot of folks there! (Otherwise, I have to eat an awful lot of pulled pork sandwiches all by myself....)

Getting to Terri's from I-71

Heading north:

Take I-71 to the North Broadway exit.

Turn right (east) at the head of the exit ramp onto North Broadway travel 2 blocks.

Turn left (north) onto Maize Rd, travel about 10 blocks.

Turn right (east) onto Elmore, travel 4 blocks to the intersection with Atwood Terrace.

Heading south:

Take I-71 south to the Morse Rd exit

Turn left (east) at the end of the exit ramp, travel 5(?) long blocks to Maize Rd

Turn right (south) on Maize Rd, travel 5 (?) long blocks, cross Cooke Rd and keep going 2 blocks to Elmore.

Turn left (east)onto Elmore, travel 4 blocks to the intersection with Atwood Terrace.

When you reach the roundabout, at the intersection with Atwood Terrace, Terri's will be the green and white house on the corner to your left (the north-west corner, for those with a compass) but the driveway where we'll be checking in is actually on Elmore.

So.... who's in?

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We am looking forward to attending this year. Put me down for two. I am getting my plants potted now. Thanks for having another swap.

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I've got some hostas, and some dwarf white echnacea already potted up. And I know there are lots of others I want to get to this weekend.

Plus, we'll have some really cool door prize items!

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Just a month away -- I need to start planting things up!

This has been a great summer for the housplants vacationing in the backyard, and I have more than I could possibly bring in for the winter. I'll probably have some palms and spiderplants to bring. And my cousin is potting up hosta and heuchera.

I've been having fun with terrariums this summer, and am working on a nice one for a door prize -- possibly some decorative pots, too.

Looking forward to it!

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strmywthr3(Central OH z5)

I'm seriously considering coming. I've got to take a look around and see what I can bring.


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Excellent! The more the merrier!

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Hi-there! I was planning on coming :> I just wrote it on the family calendar & my personal one.

I'm not sure what I'll have.

Any suggestions on what to bring for the potluck??


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Welcome, Sarah -- if it's on the calander, it must be real!

Anything goes with the potluck -- desserts are always popular, or chips. Maybe veggies and dip, since we're in the garden mode.

Look forward to seeing you!

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Hi everybody! Thanks for hosting again Alison, we had a great time last year, Terri has a great yard for swapping! I'm coming, I'll have to check with mom and see how her schedule is.

If anybody wants Japanese Spikenard reply here or send me an email and let me know how many you want. It's a giant perennial, up to 10 x 10 feet, but a really stunning, choice plant for shade. It was supposed to be difficult from seed but I must have gotten the lucky batch, they all came up. No trade required, I'm just trying to find homes for these. I don't know if I want to put them in the actual swap because I don't want anybody to get an unpleasant surprise later if they don't read the tag right!

I'll be bringing lots of Irises to the swap, seems they all need divided this year. Plenty of other stuff too. Can't wait!


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Any suggestions on what to bring for the potluck??

The weather in September is always a gamble, I wait until later to decide. if it's hot, I bring something cool. If it's cold, I bring something warm. (or hot).

Chocolate, of course, goes with any season. :)


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Japanese Spikenard? I don't think I've every heard of it! Unfortunately, 10 x 10 is about the size of my backyard, so I may not be a good foster parent. But it sounds like a great way to eat up shady space!

I've got some perennial herbs to contribute; some golden sage and wooly time. And probably some sedum -- including a lovely tall, lavender flowered one that I got from Pricess Mimi several years ago at the spring swap.

I'm getting excited!

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I tyhink I will also bring some lady's mantle to the swap. I've had some in place for 2 years now , and it just doesn't seem to like the spot. Better to give it good chance somewhere else!

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I'll be dividing and potting up some more plants this weekend, getting ready for the swap! I have several forsythia starts, in addition to my odds & ends. There will be coffee, tea, juice and muffins beginning at 10:30 - come on, you early birds! See you next Saturday!

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Woo-hoo! Just got back from vacation, and am surveying what I've got -- along with some last minute additions. need to stop by the store tonight on my way home from work -- if there's no good looking pork shoulders I may make chicken wings instead.

In either case, I'm looking forward to good food, good plants -- and a good time!

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skipping my part time job in the morning so I can dig for the swap on Saturday! Me and Kim may not have much to trade but we wouldn't miss it for the world! I am soo geeked!

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Hi Gardening Friends!
I've had a slow to really slow time in the garden lately. I do have some pothos starts to swap, but that's it & they're not potted, just roots in water. I have *NOTHING* potted, but would still love to come visit. I'd be happy to bring something for the pot luck & VERY HAPPY to not bring any plants home. I just love to sit around & chit-chat w/other gardeners. I learn A LOT!

Please let me know what you think. Thanks...., Sarah

PS I could bring some tomatoes from the garden to give to whomever would like some. :>

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I would love tomatoes from the garden! I think that would be a great trade item. :)

Oh BTW, mom will be coming with me. See you all tomorrow!


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Thank you, Terri & Alison (& all who were there) for such a wonderful, easy-going, delicious afternoon filled w/laughter, seeds, transplants & markers.

I'm really glad June came to visit too!! She's such a fun lady...

'til the spring swap..., Sarah :>

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Thanks to everyone who came -- it was a blast! Big thanks to Terri and her husband, for setting everything up and making it all seem so effortless. (And thanks to Dave for manning the fire pit on a surprisingly cool day!) The food was fantastic -- not sure who brought the pork medallions, but they were mighty tasty. And I sat down at the end and had a piece of each of the three pies -- yum!

Wonderful to see everyone -- Maxine and Dan, who came up from Chillicothe, get the award for the farthest travelled. Other than Terri, Sherry-from-around-the-corner had the shortest trip -- but weren't you glad you brought your car anyway, for all the plants you picked up?

It's always good to see Jeanne and Mary -- aka "June" -- and the ever-ebullient Mouse and Kim+1. It was great to meet you, too, Sarah; your enthusiasm is infectious! I think Terri T. was the best prepared -- she showed up with a list of plants she'd researched that would suit her conditions and caught her interest. She was able to pick up several from her list!

I got so many great plants I hadn't even known I *needed* -- like hellbore seedlings, filipendula, and Bath pinks. And I got alllllllmost enough purple ajuga to finish off the back yard ;)

As if the food and plants and comraderie wasn't enough, thanks to Mouse for bringing the perfect way to cap off the afternoon -- a bright white Taurus and a bucketful of colorful markers. We got to kick off her new ArtCar with our own creations. Nothing feels more deliciously sneaky than drawing on something you usually don't get to draw on!

Thanks to everyone for making it such a great afternoon.
As Kim wrote on Mouse's car, here's to "Peace, Love and Gardening! (And Chocolate!)"

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