Science Project Awabuki Propagation

beverlyflaApril 11, 2013

Trying to propagate plants from cuttings I took from Awabuki Viburnum hedge. Anyone have an luck doing this?
I did a fresh cut, stuck them in water, then into rooting powder and then into new soil in a planter. Some cutting just had nubs and some has newly sprouting leaves. Any idea if this will work?

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most likely will

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Should work, but cut more of the foliage off. Remaining foliage cut the leaves in half. From your picture, too much sun. Semi-shade to shade and keep moist. Works for me. Don't expect 100%! Hope this helps......

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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake

I've taken cuttings not from an Awabuki, but from a V. odoratissimum. Success for me has been hit and miss, though I admit that I'm not giving them the best of care. I pretty much cut them, used hormones and then stuck them in pots. I haven't bothered with covering and even have been a little lacking in keeping them watered. Out of eight cuttings I have two that are still alive and one is putting out new leaf buds. I imagine with proper attention, as a science experiment would likely have, that my success rate would be higher.

As Walli said, remove much of the foliage on the cuttings and cut the last of them in half. It would also seem, according to a tip from someone about taking cuttings, to help success rate if each cutting has at least two nodes under the soil level.

Since this is part of a science experiment though, I would set up different conditions. Set 1: Remove most foliage, cut last few. Only one node below surface. Set 2: Leave all the foliage. Only one node below the surface. Set 3: Remove most of the foliage, cut the last few leaves, 2 nodes under the surface. Set 4: Leave all the foliage, 2 nodes under the surface.

You could even have another group of 4 sets and have one group covered with plastic to maintain humidity and the other open-air. The final report would show which set/group had the highest success rate and which had the lowest and any interesting or odd observations that might occur.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Someone = Anna

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A belated thanks all for the advice. All the cuttings rotted. None of them rooted.

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