Variegated Dwarf Gardenia Care

scenterMay 30, 2007

Earlier this spring, I succumbed to the lure of a small plant: a Variegated Dwarf Gardenia. Currently it is on my deck in a pot, and will be blooming shortly. It will probably do fine here until mid October without much fuss. My question is regarding the best way to overwinter it.

I have 'regular' Gardenia August Beauty growing in my yard, and that plant is hardy here, not requiring much care. Is the mini one also hardy in this manner? In other words - plant it in the ground to overwinter it (pot and all?).

Would it be fine in its pot on the deck to overwinter it here just north of Atlanta? (deck is south facing.) In other words just let it be.

Should it be brought indoors? (usually a kiss of death to gardenias in my experience) If so where? South window with a humidity tray? Indirect Sun?

Thanks in Advance

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Scenter, I don't know if the dwarf variegated gardenias are hardy to your area, but if you have to set indoors, a south window is fine..Also, a humidifying tray, or better yet, a humidifer will help w/humidity..I also mist daily..*(I just got the same plant at
But as far as my standard tree gardenias, they're over-wintered in a south window..water less on cloudy days. Soil should be medium dry before watering..Don't allow plant to sit in water, otherwise plant will develop insects. In summer, 'denias should be placed outside, first in shady area, gradually brining out to semi-sunny..Keep out till mid-aumumn..I leave mine out till days/nights are in the 40's. I feed w/azlalea food during growing season. (follow container directions of dosage and times) That's about it..Toni

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