Need help finding soil ammendments in my area

daviedearest(z10 FLA)April 26, 2014

Hi, Just recieved two beautiful climbing roses from Cool Roses,West Palm. On their site they post a formula for planting which among other things includes Gypsum Pellets,Alfalfa meal which I am unable to find, It also lists Dolomite Lime (I have just reg. hydrated horticultural lime does it make a difference? also unable to find). I would really like to follow their instructions as these will climb a very special " memorial" rose arch can anyone help me with local suppliers for all of the above.or even ordering small amounts on line .
I Live in Cape Coral just outside of Ft Meyers. Have tried the box sores & all the local nursery I can think of but unable to find those 3 ingred. Would be grateful for any leads I can gel......Thanks.....Davie

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Tractor Supply or another feed store for alfalfa pellets. Make sure that you have pure alfalfa. Some "rabbit pellets" will have other additives and salt. Merry mix is one brand to look for.

Which roses did you get?

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rednofl(9b Goldenrod Fl hz 10)

The sunnyland garden lime sold at HD is mostly dolomite lime, and there is usually a garden lime in their organic ferts that is dolomite...... just read the label carefully
Hydrated lime is usually more reactive so less is more just add a little more gypsum and less hydrated lime, just watch your ph....

You can go to petco they have a brand of rabbit pellets that is 100% alfalfa . once again read the label carefully.

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Can't help but wonder if the Ft. Myers area soil isn't already sufficiently limey. Watch out for one-size-fits-all plant tags.


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daviedearest(z10 FLA)

Canadian Rose, I live in a metro area & am unable to find a farmers supply nearby.
Socks, all nursurys tried to talk me out of receipe & sell me things they carried.
Wisconsitom, this formula was direct from the florida grower that I had puchased from before.But good point, should do a new soil test anyway.
May just go with what I already have & keep fingers crossed

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Amending of planting hole back-fill seen in multiple different organized tests conducted by different researchers starting in the 1960s to not be beneficial. That includes trials conducted on Florida sand.

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Daviedearest, try the Davie Feed Store.

I haven't been there in years and years, but if they still sell hay and grain, they will have what you need, most likely.

If not, I don't think you're looking in the right places. Davie has been totally urban for 30 years, but it still likes to pretend, and I'm very sure that you wouldn't have to go farther than Cooper City at the most.

Here is a link that might be useful: Davie Feed

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daviedearest(z10 FLA)

thanks to all for your help.Still chasing down few things thanks to all your leads. Will post pics when roses finally on trellis, meanwhile the fragrance is intoxicating , with daily blooms......Davie

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daviedearest(z10 FLA)

Thonatorose,thanks for the lead , will be calling local pet stores & Davies feed as writersblock suggested. The climbing rose recommended by Goeff over at Cool Roses is a french Delbard called Nehama.grafted to Fortuniana stock for the Florida Climate. Especially known for its extended repeat bloom & amazing fagrance, beautiful shade of pink.Should have done my homework re" recommended planting mix" before ordering,,,,still don't have a clue about what gypsum pelletts are or where to get them. Checked with Rib City & theyre saving me wood ash. May have to just go about planting with whatever else I can find. It will climb a large trells at the entrance of the garden so Its important I get it right .Meanwhile I'm keeping them well watered & in a sheltered sunny location. Will keep advised as to progress Thanks for everyones help & interest...Davie.

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daviedearest(z10 FLA)

bboy, If no ammendments then you are saying just backfill with your regular garden soil?Sounds as if your not giving the plants a fair "shot" when so much can be done to help them get going. This formula is explained a a year long start.

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I've heard that rose is wonderful. It is on my short list for purchase. Pics when you can.

Fort is a shallow rooted root stock. It will form a dense network rather than send a tap root straight down with feeder roots coming off of it. That denseness is why it can survive nematodes so well here.

Because it's roots stay near the surface, it needs careful watering. More so than own-root and tap root type stocks.

This also means that you can sheet compost your planted roses quite successfully. Cardboard covered with wood chips, compost, leaves, alfalfa pellets, diluted urine, manure and so on. You might want to read the thread on Bio Char, too.

You will be amazed at how fast the micro herds get the goodies down to the root areas. The cardboard will not keep the water and nutrients away from the roots.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nahema

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