Central Ohio Fall Plant Swap/Potluck-Saturday, 9/20/2008

jeanneAugust 6, 2008

Hello everyone! It's time for the fall swap already and once again Mary Dawn, Stephanie (Steph98) and myself are hosting. Since the shelter we got last fall was too small we have reserved a shelter at Windsor Park in Grove City this year. This is the same weekend that Grove City is hosting Arts in the Alley so downtown Grove City will be closed off for that event and I've given directions below from the Stringtown Rd. exit.


Here is the information:

Date: Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time: 11:00 am

Place: Windsor Park in Grove City, Ohio

TRADING MATERIALS: plants, well rooted cuttings potted up, bulbs, shrubs,

happy seedlings, garden ornaments,& bundled garden magazines, extra

gardening implements, etc.


CARE (shade, sun, etc) REQUIRED!!! Also, mark any plants as invasive

or poisonous, if known)

POT LUCK: Please bring a dish to pass with serving untensil & your own

beverage We will provide plates, plastic silverware, napkins & cup. It's a

good idea to mark your serving spoons etc. with your name. I can tell

you...gardeners are WONDERFUL cooks!!

DOOR PRIZES: If anyone wants to donate something for a door prize, please

feel free. Over the years we have had many really neat prizes!! Lots of fun.

This should be a wonderful chance to share your passion for gardening, meet

other avid and learning gardeners, have a festive and delicious meal,

acquire some new plants & share your extra's. Please come with a happy and

sharing heart. Bring pictures of your gardens, flowers, etc. - if you like!

This is the plan for the day:

11:00 -12:00 - people arrive, sign-in with your name and number of plants,

get name tag, put plants in viewing/swap area, put dish to pass away, visit

with other gardeners & start viewing plants.

Noon - have lunch

After lunch - door prize(s) awarded

1:00 - swap begins

After swap - more visiting, pack up & goodbyes.

As you may have noticed, our own Beverly (aka Storygardener) who hosts the

spring swap has given us permission to use her format, and we are taking

full advantage of her wonderful offer! In addition to stealing and

modifying this message to meet our needs, we will be using Beverly's

modified ROUND ROBIN.

Round One - pick one plant

Next Round - pick one plant

Next Round - pick two plants

Next Round - pick three plants

And so on, and so on....

This way everyone gets a chance to get some of the plants they really have

on eye on. This works well and people have been very pleased in the past.

Everyone should be able to take home as many plants as they bring.

Some tips for the day would include bringing a folding chair (sometimes

needed), a box or container labeled with your name to put your new plants in

after swapping & bring and mark your serving utensils for your dish to pass.

If you have room in the car...bring an extra table, just in case.


1) From Columbus, take 71 South to the Stringtown Rd. exit (exit 100). This is the first exit after the 270/71 intersection.

2) Make a right and drive west 1 mile to Hoover Rd.

3) Turn left and drive south .3 mile to Kingston Avenue.

4) Turn right and drive west 1.1 miles to Bruce. The sign for Bruce is difficult to see from the road, the insection is at an odd angle.

5) Turn left and drive .1 mile (2 blocks) to Bonnie.

6) Turn left and drive .1 mile to the park entrance. The shelter is at the end of the parking lot.

PLEASE EMAIL me at jeanne6oh at yahoo dot com with RSVP so we can get a head count. (This helps us know how

many plates, cups, etc. to bring)

This should be a FUN, informal day to share our love of gardening! We are

contacting some of our gardening friends & alerting the Gardeweb.com people

& I will be asking Beverly to alert her local garden club. Hopefully we'll have a

good crowd. You should bring a gardening friend, too!

Please email with any questions, I'm jeanne6oh at yahoo dot com.


Good gardening...

...Jeanne, Stephanie and Merry Dawn.

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I'm excited to help host again. Thanks Jeanne and Merry Dawn for tracking down the location. Can't wait to see everyone again. Michelle, we've already got some yellow iris potted up for you, as you requested at the spring swap!

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gardengirl_17(z5 OH)

Super! I will plan on being there. Thanks for hosting. I have many things already on my dig list.

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Thanks for the prompt RSVP, Gardengirl 17. And thank you Stephanie, for doing the announcing for us again!

I'm going to be digging more things to bring this year, there's a huge clump of liriope that needs divided and several daylilies too. I'm also bringing a bunch of roses because I found that starting cuttings under the dripline of my shed brought my success rate from about 25% to about 80%! The winter sown seedlings that were too small for the spring swap are ready to put in the ground now, so I'll have wild petunia, pennyroyal and a few others there were leftovers of. Can't wait!


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

If OSU football does not conflict, I will be there. I have a ton of plants all potted up for giveaways.

Thanks guys for taking this on!

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

Jeanne, Mary Dawn and Stephanie - I am so glad you are hosting the fall swap!!! Wonderful fun ahead.

I won't be able to attend this year as we have a family wedding that day and I'll lots of company, parties, etc.

Have a great time everyone.

Good gardening.......Beverly

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Beverly, sorry you won't be able to make it. We'll miss you.
We've already got a bunch of hostas potted up and I know we'll have a ton more ready by then as well.
If anyone is interested in a "special" hosta or pulmonaria trade, let me know!

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I've got two (and possibly three) more people rounded up to come!
Spread the word!

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Both Mouse and Alison said they're planning to come as well.
Can't wait!

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kelly_oh(OH z6)

Hi all,
I don't think I can make it this time either, but, if there is anyone in the Dayton/Eaton/Huber Heights area that is planning on going and would like to take a profusion of the hibiscus bush starts I talked about in the Spring Swap, let me know, I can definitely set you up!


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Sorry you're not able to join us again. Hopefully next time!

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princess_mimi(z5 6 OH)

Hi folks!

I haven't meant to ignore you but I'm still not sure that I'll make it to the swap. I really want to come but I'm back into pro costume design again and I will have to see how the show I'm working on goes. Dress rehearsal is on the 17th so and we open on Friday so I have to be done by then. The rub is whether I'll have any time to dig and pot before then.

The boys start school on Tuesday. (Yippee!) That will free up a little time if we all live that long!

Maybe I'll just come to socialize! I'll let y'all know as we get closer to the 20th.

Hope to see you all soon!


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Well get busy sewing then, Mimi! : ) It wouldn't be the same without you. Seriously, hope you can make it.

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Val will also be joining us. Glad to have you, Val!

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Hi Everyone,
I'm hoping we can come. I'm sitting stuff aside to bring, so is my Mom, glad she will be able to come this year along with my daughter Cathy and my friend Diane, hopefully.
Anyone want to trade Hydrangea cuttings? Or even plants but I only have PeeGee potted up. Get with me if you do. Although by then it may be too late to root the cuttings. I have around 6 different kinds. Also interested in trading named Hosta. Always interested in Sedums too.
Thanks Jeanne, Steph and Dawn for hosting. I got to figure out from coming east on 70 to where this place is, I will be coming from New Lexington, Ohio.
Thanks girls linda

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maozamom NE Ohio

With the price of gas being what it is we haven't decided if we want to travel so far.

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xaroleht(Zone 6)

Hi, all. Sorry to say it doesn't look like James, the kids, and I will make it to the fall swap. New management has taken over the historical village we volunteer at and the third Sat of the month is now for special events. We have a lantern tour that night. We hate missing the swap but with gas prices, our commitments to Schoenbrunn, and our coming addition we just won't be able to make it. Have fun and happy swapping.
PS Steph I think we will be in the 1st weekend of Oct for James' College reunion so maybe we can get the iris then. Will let you know. Thanks.

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princess_mimi(z5 6 OH)

New addition?!?!?! Does that mean we get to play with a new baby in the spring, Michelle? Congratulations!

I don't know yet if I will make it but if I do I'll only be coming for lunch and to visit. Between school starting and the show I'm not as far along as I'd planned. Some of my seamstresses are more willing than able so I'm stitching more than expected.

My garden is pathetic this fall. The weeds are taking over and I have not watered faithfully. Oh well! If any of you know how to be two places at once...Let me know!


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xaroleht(Zone 6)

Yep. The next little gardener is due in Jan.

Oh and we made a press release for a plant discovery in our local paper and another is planning on doing an article. In one of the back areas of the historical village, an area that has been closed for years, we found a plant that everyone we spoke with believed was no longer in the area. A wild potato, more closely related to a legume, that was written about in journals of the 1770's. We were really excited knowing that we might possibly have found ancestors of the plants the people of Schoenbrunn might have eaten.

We will be thinking of you all the weekend of the swap. Wish we could be in two places at one time but we haven't figured that one out either.


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xaroleht(Zone 6)

Oh, forgot to mention..is anyone else on facebook? We are now there and I just uploaded some recent pictures of the kids and some vacation exploits. Just send a friend request to Michelle Lee Hallman and let me know you are a swap friend.

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Sorry i have a wedding to go to that day too. I've surely taken my time to getting around to checking up on this(and i'm the one who asked if there was gong to be a fall swap).

well i gues i'll have to start planning for next spring's swap.
a friend gave me several pots of a yellow foxglove and it looks like there are more than one plant per pot. so i'll have to get them planted where i want them and then pot up some to winter over. also my yellow baptisia had lots of seeds that i just harvested and i'm planning on trying to grow those in pots over the winter, too.

see you in the spring.


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Sorry to hear we have so many regrets. I'll especially miss seeing you, Michelle, and the kids. If you're here later, let me know! We'll still have a nice crowd there on the 20th. Be sure to continue to spread the word. It would be great to get some new folks there and then encourage them to come in the spring as well.
Mimi- do you have the plant signs or does Bev?

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granny57x(zone 6)

Hi Everybody!!
I have been trying forever to get on line and read and post on the Garden Web,But from what I was told.My computer was hit by lightening.I was ready to toss this thing out the window.LOL
I just want to let everyone know as far as I know,I will be there and at least one other person will be coming with me.Maybe more.I'm not sure yet.It's so wonderful to be able to use this thing again and read all the posts.I wasn't able to post till just a few minutes ago.I was able to go into the members page and email a couple people,But not post on the thread till just now. Go figure.
Any way,I'm thrilled to be able to get on line and Gab with you all.I sure am going to miss everyone that can't make it.Beverly,Mimi,Diggerb2 and everyone else who is usually there but won't be this time.
See you all soon.
Hey Mouse are you coming?

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

Hi folks...I'll miss everyone too this fall.

Stephanie - It's Mimi that has the signs.

I sent the swap information out to my garden club and about 50 or so (at least) other email addresses that I have. (divided it up into 4 or 5 emails so that it wouldn't be considered spam.) I think folks change their emails - some bounced back.

I know it will be fun. Here's hoping you all get lots of goodies!!

Good gardenning and happy swapping....Beverly

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Granny-great to hear from you! Glad you'll be able to join us. Mouse told me she was coming,although I haven't seen any posts from her yet. Perhaps she's having the same computer issues you are!
We potted up a bunch of plants today. I'm getting excited.
Anyone know what food they're bringing yet? Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be good.
Bev, thanks for the info about the signs. Hopefully Mimi will be able to bring them then?

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Hey folks -- sorry to have been absent so long. For some reason, it takes fooooooorevvvvvvvvvver to load the Graden Web site, and three times as long to load a thread.

But I'll be there on the 20th, with a least a handful of plants. And cheesecake, with peach topping from our own tree at work!

I don't have a lot of plants this year (just haven't been in the garden at all this year!) but I do have a lot of preserves. Is there any interest in jam, or is it safer to limit trades to non-food products?

Looking forward to seeing you all!

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As long as they're sealed, I see no reason to limit the trades to non-food items. Jam sounds very nice!
See you then!

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granny57x(zone 6)

I read your post about getting on the Garden Web and trying to post on the thread.I'm still having trouble with it.But not as bad as before.I wasn't able to use my computer pretty much the whole summer.I still can't figure out how to email my Garden Buddies again without replying to what ever they send to me.Everythings different now for me since they changed things.The phone repairman said I was very lucky my computer wasn't fried.
Anyway,I will be bringing some Grasses.I don't know what the name of it is because we lost the tag,But it gets about 2'3'tall.It has large fuzzy dark brown seed heads on it.Very pretty.I don't know what else I'll be bringing plant wise.Food wise,I think I will bring a Cheese Ball,Or a Hot Taco Dip.You pick.Maybe if I'm ambitious enough I will bring them both.
I'm glad your coming to the swap Mouse,Your a Breath of Fresh Air.
Beverly,Mimi,I sure am gonna miss the two of you.It seems like the swap isn't the same without you.Maybe you'll be able to swing by later on or can bring all your company with you. :)I know Wishful Thinking.
It will be nice to get away for a bit and see everyone.
I'm excited.
See you in about 2 weeks.

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Can't believe we're only a week away now! Hope everyone's potting is going well. Anyone have any door prize items in mind? I'll see if I can talk my husband into making a bird house as one.
Getting excited!

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xaroleht(Zone 6)

HI,all! Did everyone survive Ike ok? How about the gardens? We lost some branches but I think everything else is ok right now. Noah missed a day of school. We never lost power but school did. Had to move a field trip to Friday. Hope you all are all right and your gardens survived. Peace.

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Mom lost a tree, I lost broadband for awhile but everything is slowly grinding back to normal. My kids are so lucky to attend Southwestern City Schools, they only missed one day, lol! Can't wait to see everyone Saturday!


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We're still without power- it's getting old fast! Guess I should be thankful though, my parents are also without and they don't have water (electric water pump/ well).
Might be bringing an "already prepared" food dish now, although hopefully we'll have power before Saturday.
Regardless, we're spending most of our days outside now anyways, so we'll see everyone at the swap!

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xaroleht(Zone 6)

Oh Steph I wondered if you had power or not. I heard that Colonial Hills still was out of school. Mom got hers back on Mon and last night she said she just found out that North of Park power was still out. We luckily never lost ours but as of yesterday morning there were still 10,000 out in our county. They seemed to get the areas with schools back on first. Hope everybody else is doing well. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Really wish we could be in two places at once. Have fun and pick a plant and think of us. We will be making apple butter at the lantern tour. Hey if anyone is over this way the third weekend in Oct we will be having another lantern tour at Schoenbrunn on Sat. of that weekend. Better go get ready for the field trip to the fair. Have a great swap. Peace, Michelle
ps Steph we should be in the first weekend of Oct

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princess_mimi(z5 6 OH)

Glad to hear that everyone survived Ike's aftermath without too much trauma. I had all five boys home from school for two days during "crunch week". Oy Vey!!!! I did get the costumes done but last night during the final dress rehearsal they spilled cider on one of them! What were they thinking? There is a reason for the "only drink water in costume" rule! Good thing that it's a washable costume. I just didn't plan on doing the costume thing today.

I injured my shoulder again and am in PT. for it and my injured finger. Sorry guys but I'm going to sit out the swap. It hurts too much to be vertical for any length of time.

Jeanne- will you want to come by and pick up the signs? You could send someone more local to Hilliard if you like. I'll have Lee get them down from storage if you do. Just let me know.

I believe my friend Jamilla will be coming to swap and see you all.

Have fun for me tomorrow! I'll check here to swap vicariously!


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I lost the top half of my akebia I got from Mimi several years back, but other than no power till Thursday the storm didn't affect me too much.

I have about a dozen plants potted up for tomorrow, and will bring cheesecake with a choice of peach or blueberry sauce.

By any chance, is anyone bringing any blackberries, or black raspberries? A co-worker of mine is looking for some, so I'd be glad to arrange a side trade!

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Well, unless we get electricity tonight, this should be my last post til the swap.
We'll definitly not be brining anything homemade to eat, sorry. It severly limits your ability without electricity (although I do have to give credit to Mike for his creativity this past week on the grill. Bet you didn't know you could make pasta on a grill, did you?) And, Mike did build a birdhouse for a door prize.
Can't wait to see you all there. My hostas are all begging to go home with you all!

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xaroleht(Zone 6)

Hope you get power back on soon. If not I have even done Zucchini Parm on the grill. It's all I had to cook on for months at one place we lived. If you need any ideas let me know. Have a blast tomorrow. Hope the weather is perfect. Peace, Michelle

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granny57x(zone 6)

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I didn't make it to the swap today.With everything that's been happening and going on with the weather,I totally forgot today is the day.I really was looking forward to seeing you all.We're really trying to clean up everythng and waiting for help getting things back on the house.We have lots of missing shingles to get back on and the back down spout is laying in the back yard still yet,Not to mention pieces of siding blown off are in the far back yard.And of course a very large tree limb thats too heavy for either of us to move plus all the broken tree limbs and trash that comes along with the ride.But we'll get it done.We were without electric and water from Sunday to Wed.I'm very thankful it wasn't any longer then that and no one was hurt.I'm sorry to hear some of you are still in the dark,But know it won't be long now.I'm very grateful to all the workers who gave up time being with their families and loved ones to bring our power back on.
I had so many plants to bring today,But like I said"Totally slipped my mind". I guess I will save them for the Spring Swap.I hope to see you all then.I will miss you all so very much!!Hope you had a good one!! I know you did!!
I'll be reading when I can get on line to see what you all swapped for and had to eat.

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Well, another successful swap. We had about 20 people there and a nice selection of plants. It seems probably about half of the people there were first time swappers, so hopefully we'll see them again at the spring swap. I think everyone had a nice time and went home with good plants.
Thanks for everyone who came. Granny, sorry you weren't able to make it. I feel for you, although we had a lot of huge branches down, we didn't have a lot of damage. But, we are STILL without lights! Hopefully today we'll get them back as I saw a swarm of AEP trucks in the area, which is a first! (We're at my in-laws now, getting morning coffee, checking emails, just enjoying lights!)

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xaroleht(Zone 6)

Steph, Hope this finds you at home checking and not elsewhere. You have had enough days without power.
Sorry we missed all the fun, friends, and plants of the swap.
Had a great turn out for our lantern tour at the village and my apple butter turned out a hit. It's a simple recipe if anyone wants to try it and if you don't have power I proved you can make it over a fire. LOL.
Picked apples yesterday at a friends. Anyone have any new apple recipes to try?
Have a great day.
Peace, Michelle

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granny57x(zone 6)

Hi Steph,
I hope by now your electric is restored and things are back to normal.I really am sorry that I missed the swap.I have only missed one other swap since I started in 04.But from what you said,It sounded like you had a very nice fun time.That's what it's all about!!
Michelle,I have a great tasty and easy Apple recipe.
Mix all the ingredients below together.Batter will be crumbly;
1-1/2 c Flour
1 c Sugar
1 teas Baking Powder
2 teas Salt
1/2 Stick Melted Butter
1 Egg

Stir into the flour mixture; 3 Apples,Peeled and thickly sliced.Press into a greased pan.
1/4 c Brown Sugar
1 teas Cinn.
1/2 c Pecans-----Spread over Apple mixture and bake.It's Deliah!!
Let me know how you like it.
I have been having a really hard time getting into the Garden Web.Some times I can and others not.What all did you have plant wise and what were your trades?I hate missing out on the Swaps.But at least some of you were able to.New swappers hun?Hope I get to meet them in the Spring.
Be looking forward to reading your posts!
BTW,Michelle.I'm not sure if you got my email on congrats for the new addition.So just in case,Congratulations!!!!What a Lucky Baby!!!

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For those curious, we got our power back Sunday at noon. Eight days without power, yuck. I forgot what a pleasure it was to take a shower in the light!
See everyone in the spring!

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This is a much belated post to say thanks for the swap! My friend Terri and I had a great time, and picked up some nice plants.

The nicest surprise came at the end of the swap, as Mouse was distributing some of the unclaimed orphans. She thrust a bag with an ungainly, stalky plant in it at me and said" "Congratulations -- you're taking this one home with you!"

Turns out it is a Queen of the Night, a night blooming cereus. (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) What a treat! when I was a little girl, my grandmother had this plant growing wild in her courtyard in Southern California. On "bloom night" we were allowed to stay up late. Everyone had snacks and drinks, and my sisters and I performed "The Dance of the Night Blooming Cereus", complete with classical music and album jackets on our arms. (I don't know if we were trying to look like the moths that pollinate the flower, or -- we just liked dancing with album jackets on our arms!)

Mouse gave me a big one and a little one, and I've given one to each of my sisters, and taken plenty of cuttings for myself. Here's tp hoping we can all do the dance again soon -- and thanks to everyone who made the fall swap so much fun!

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