Will my Lavender bloom again in a month?

markblascoMay 15, 2006

I have several large lavender plants in my front yard that are in full bloom - they look like little pineapples with thin petals at the top that look like ears. I am in Seattle, WA. We are going to be selling our house, and it is going on the market in about 5 weeks. If I cut off all of the blooms right now, will it bloom a second time by then? I would love to have the lavender in bloom when people come and look at the house, and if 5-6 weeks is what it takes than I will go out there tonight and cut down the flowers.

Also, if I am going to be cutting down the flowers, is there anything I can do with them other than putting them in a vase? Can they be dried? I am a complete novice when it comes to this, and I am under a timeline due to our house sale, so any information you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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I doubt they'd put out new shoots and bloom again in just 5 weeks, even assuming constant sunny weather, which may not be the case with Seattle ;)

However, the flower heads may very well still be looking good in that time, so I'd keep 'em on.

Yes, they dry beautfully and keep their scent, so you could create a bouquet in a vase for visitors.


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