Anyone growing this jasmine?

butterfly4uMay 21, 2012

Hi all!

last fall I bought this jasmine that is suppose to get tiny white fragrant flowers and put it out in a small pot over the winter.

It is quite happy, doesn't grow real fast though, but good enough.

it is called "Snow in summer" jasmine.

Does anyone have this?

When does it bloom? It has been quite warm here for about a month and I was wondering if I should put some miracle grow on it or not.

Here's a pic

another one

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

This is an ornamental Trachelospermum jasminoides cultivar from Japan. They're valued for their ornamental foliage rather than the flowers and from what I've read are not very floriferous compared to the common green-leafed/white flower Trachelospermum jasminoides (also known as Star Jasmine). I don't think fertilizer would help for yours as it's probably a genetic factor that makes it less inclined to bloom, but it wouldn't hurt to try, just don't over do it of course.

The common star jasmine can be found for under $5/gal from some big box stores. It can grow very fast once established and flowers from March to late Summer if I remember correctly. I love the smell and it's one of those common landscape plants here in So. California that I'm glad is overused. This is a good wafter too.

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