What's your best zone 5 rebloomer?

timhensley_gwJuly 12, 2014

This has always been a challenge for me. I have quite a few that are supposed to be rebloomers but only a few do. Darla Anita started re blooming in its third year and does so reliably. French Lingerie started in its third year and has rebloomed every year since. Drop Dead Gorgeous was added in the fall of 2012 and this year it has rebloom scapes on every fan even before the first scapes have opened. Needless to say I am thrilled.

What's your best northern rebloomer?

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sherrygirl zone5

Dont know if this will be much help but i have a red that has been a good rebloomer for me. It has some shade, the scapes are about 2 feet and the flowers are about 3 inches. I imagine its pretty common, maybe someone could help with the name. It has been blooming for about a month here and has continued to shoot up a scape or two at a time all summer in the past.

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I've never had any reliable rebloomers, so it's good to hear you've found a few that work in our zone.

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I think, from the description and the picture, that Sherrygirl's northern rebloomer is Little Business. That was certainly MY best rebloomer when I lived in Michigan, zone 4b-5.

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

I love your question. There are fabulous constant rebloomers and rebloomers for northern gardens. Will start with constant bloom because theirs nothing that puts a smile on your face like seeing buds that have been killed and it doesn't matter. The scapes just keep on coming. Don't like leaf streak. So I'll try sticking to those with very healthy foliage.
First two are simple flowers. That can be moved mid summer, given water and keep on blooming.
Going Bananas
Stellas Ruffled Fingers
By Hybridizer, love them all for their kind helpful nature and honesty. Please give these and all daylilies three years to beef up. Some will not show their true colors and power house rebloom until they grow up.
Mike Derrow- constant king
Tribble with Blue
Charlie Dale- way better than his his picture. Strond cherry red with darker eye.
Transylvania Tango- 2013 repeating already
Adena inferno- 2013 repeating alreading
Adena Bouncer-sent for trial fall 2013
Adena Blizzard-sent for trail fall 2013 scape after scape
Badlands-2014 going to be a good one
Vision Seeker 2014-a beauty already

This is going to be a long list of daylilies and hybridizers that have beautiful daylilies that rebloom in northern states. After my first year buying daylilies I realized my mistakes and went after spectacular performing and healthy daylilies for the north(learned to ask a lot of questions) So I think that I'd be better off starting my own post.With any luck it will rain today to get me back too the computer. Honestly every daylily in my yard repeats. They aren't the biggest name hybridizers(those didn't do well here for me). All different price ranges are included. I promise these daylilies are as good as it for up here. They bring a smile to your face all season. Pat

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Thanks for all the info. It's very useful and great to know. With such a short growing season, I like to maximize the bloom time. Thanks again for sharing.

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I can answer only based on my experience in my own garden in my own zone (which may be closer to zone 7 than to your zone 5), but if you bear that in mind - I would recommend Stu Kendig's UNCHAIN MY HEART and Richard Norris's REPEATED DISCOVERY. Both perform here as instant rebloomers. The Norris is a newer plant doing its thing for the second year; the Kendig I've had for some time now, and it's always rebloomed for me.

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The following are consistent rebloomers for me:


They have been consistent for the past three years. In zone 5, I have discovered that they really need to get established and this can take a couple of years. The three Salter intros are in full sun in my front yard along with 30 + others and they are very dependable rebloomers. SILOAM PLUM TREE gets some afternoon shade, but it also gets a little extra water by being close to my vegetable garden.


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taurustendency(5 mid missouri)

i second the Going Bananas, it really does "go bananas" in our garden!

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Beautiful edging and Barbara Mitchell.

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Barbara Mitchell

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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

See article by Mike Huben, lots of good info...

Here is a link that might be useful: More is Beautiful

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Brad KY(6b)

I have 32 different daylilies that have rebloomed over the years. However, none of them have done it regularly. Bold Vision, Meleny Debutante, and So Lovely have rebloomed more than any others.

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Gary Colby has scapes that have not opened and rebloom scapes not far behind. I usually don't get "instant rebloom" so I am thrilled. I also have a Darla Anita seedling that is about to flower and already has a rebloom scape halfway up. I just hope the flower is pretty and the bud count is good. We shall see on that one.

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I just noticed instant rebloom scapes on PERFECT TEN (Moldovan 96). It's registered as an EM and a rebloomer. I still have blooms on the first set of scapes, and the new scapes are coming along. This is only its second year for me, so I don't know whether it always performs as an instant rebloomer.

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Circle Of Fire has always been dependable to rebloom here. I have set pods on it.....it took a short break and is now putting up new scapes. Performs the same way year after year.


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Thanks guys! Good info.

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