October Blooms.

nultyDecember 13, 2013

Some of the October Blooms in my garden,..really similar to September Blooms,..however there are quite a few new blooms to view.

Video===October Blooms 2013.l

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I notice that you aren't getting responses to your videos as you did with just photos. It may be because many folks are like me and have too slow a connection to view videos readily, one of the downsides of living in an area too rural to have really good internet. If it's just as easy for you, I'd love to see more still photos since you have a gorgeous garden.

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Hi Nhbabs,..i was thinking that perhaps everyone was busy doing Christmas shopping,..however you are correct about many people not having a strong internet connection and so not clicking the link also that i had more responses when posting pictures,..i will certainly start posting more pictures with the link to balance things out,..thank you for contacting me,..hoping you have a Happy Christmas and a great New Year.


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You, too, Phillip! I forgot to say that the aster is lovely, with such healthy foliage! Do you know the variety?

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Hi Nhbabs,..this Aster really is not the best for my climate,..always misty mornings seeing i live close to the river plus quite a heavy rainfall,..for all seasons,..and so this Aster if not watched will get Mildew,..though solved with a mix of milk and water.

I believe this Aster is named Symphyotrichum novi-belgii,..or New York Aster.

There are others very similar and free from Mildew attack.

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