Central Ohio Swap September 17- Thread II

princess_mimi(z5 6 OH)September 17, 2005

Hope y'all don't mind me starting a new thread!

What a great time I had today! I stuffed myself silly and then stuffed my car with plants! It was so good to see everyone! Those kids sure have grown! Now all that I have to do is plant all of my goodies!

Trish and the daylily folks made this swap really special for hemerocallis freaks like me!

Thanks again Dianne for doing this swap. I love having a chance to be a civilan!

Don't forget, the third Saturday in May 2006 is the spring swap. Mark your calanders!


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Thanks for the sweet william, sunburst coreopsis, anemone, blackberry lily, goat's beard, celadine poppy, and others. I took about a dozen plants to my parents and then a few home for me to try. Didn't think I needed anything. Turns out I was wrong.

Ohio State won. So, all is well. My daughter polished off the salad when I got home.

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We had 1,000 plant & about 40 people. I like the large shelter house but, not the bees. Food was good as always. Thanks everyone for donating door prizes!!! I just unloaded the car but, lots of really good plants to plant. I thought we had alot of plants for only 40 people.
Thanks to very one who helped move the plants & helped at the table. When I went to the daylily society sale I passed out flyers for the plant swap. We really did have a lot of daylilys! Also thanks to thoese who helped clean up. The shelter house cost $30.00 & I come out even.

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What a great day! As always these swaps are so fun, I love seeing everyone, I don't even know how many plants we brought home and we are so happy...
I'm doing my second job now, being a Mamaw! have my two grand-daughters 5 and 2 year olds. They are staying the night. We all packed up and went over to see my Dad and Mom, Dad was feeling so much better today, remember he had his first chemo treatment Monday, got some Nexum for heartburn, so that's much better, he's still not sleeping well but he dozes off now and then so I'm hoping he gets the rest he needs. So he is doing much better so far than what I've heard about cancer patients!
I have to get back to the grand babies, I'll write more later.
My friend Diane was wondering who brought
'Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate' seedlings in the spring, she is so happy with it, wants to know how to collect the seeds and to tell you it got 8 foot tall !!!
more later Linda

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granny57(6 Ohio)

Mimi,I'm so glad you started a new thread!!!I didn't know how to, and was afraid to try!LOL!The Swap was wonderful!!!
I thought it was very well done and it was great seeing everyone and meeting everyone and holding the babies and eating the food and Visiting! And plant shopping and still having money in my pocket after.LOL And (((SMILES&BIG GRINS)))!!! AWWW Geezw, You get the picture!!LOL!
It was good to be there.I'm so glad my dear sweet friend Jacquie(Butterflies43) was able to come.She really enjoyed herself and liked everyone.((As I knew she would).
How great is it to be able to share such a wonderful get together with my dear sweet friend Jacquie and make new memories with my new Garden Buddies!!
Hostalavista,(Linda)I'm so glad your dad is doing well.Betty how is your sister doing? I felt you were a bit sad today.I hope she is feeling better. And I will keep both of your families in my prayers.
OK, OK, I know I can hear you all now.Stop! Stop!You talk too much,I'm tired of reading.LOL
I will,But not until I say THANK YOU DIANE!! You did a great job.And Me and my friend(s) will be back!!
You know I have to start another post cause I'm not finished talking and sharing my stories and adventures yet!It was nice meeting you at the Speedway Beverly!!!LOl! LOL!

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

Yes, indeed...to all that has been said above!

Thanks to Diane...for hosting this great swap!!! I am glad people donated enough to cover your costs...that's great. Also..it's wonderful that folks jumped in to help make the day go smoothly. We all appreciate your time and efforts, Diane, to help make this a special and fun day.

I enjoyed the freedom this time of looking at all the plants and selecting a few for my first picks. Yippeeee!

What fun to see long time friends from the past swaps...we are a great friendship group! Sometimes I think that the Gardenweb is the best example of the GOOD things that can come from the internet. (in a world with lots of bad things possible here) What a fun community we have, plus all the wonderful other folks that come attend now from other places and friends. My gardens are full of wonderful passalong plants and life is full of many new friends. Life is good!!

WOW...not only great plants, but wonderful potluck food! Some great cooks, too. Thanks, Bakemom..for bringing your famous salad. WOW...hot dogs on the grill - fantastic!

Like Mimi said...stay tuned for the spring swap. I am contacting the Community Center next week to reserve the third Saturday in May for the swap.

Now we all have to get busy..adding the new plants to our gardens.

Good gardening.....Beverly

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granny57(6 Ohio)

Just wanted to say Hi to Michelle and James,It was great seeing you and the children again. I felt very honored to hold Naomi and play a little with Noah.How sweet and wonderful children are!!They grow so fast! And I finally got to meet Issac!
And 2 of Mimi's other boys, Which ones were missing?How cute they are!!And I got to
sneek a hug in on Issac.((Smiles)).I caught him off guard.I'm not sure he appreciated me doing it.But at least he didn't RUN!!
The children are so cool to be around,They keep you in tune to what's happening and keep you young at heart as well as in mind. Thanks for letting me share a little of their world.
Jacquie and I had a great time visiting with Mimi,And Beverly after the swap.We had so much fun!!We have to do it again.I ended up with 21 plants,That's including the Maple tree and Mimosa tree.I have already planted the Mimosa tree and looking for the perfect place to plant the Maple. Thank's for the nice variety of plants and trees.Can you remind me who the trees were from?My memory isn't what it should be.I don't remember what it used to be>!LOL. Anyway,On our way up we stopped at a nursery and on the way home we stopped in a nursery and my van was loaded down.LOL.
I wish I could remember the name of the nursery we went to after the swap.They had all their Hostas 33% off.I bought 3 hostas at $6.67 each.They had alot of really nice plants and I was thrilled to get them.I will look at my receipt and let you know the name of the nursery later.
look forward to keeping in touch with everyone!!

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hagey(z5 MI)

Thank you Diane for hosting the Plant Swap. I thought we had a nice showing for fall. I know the plants all suffered this summer with the lack of rain water and the hot weather. It was great fun.
It is always nice to see all the people again from the swap. Each time we go we meet new people and get to know the others better.
Thanks to all the individual trades and all the people that we have plants from this time around. I felt like each time we go we find so many nice plants to take home.
Thanks Granny57 for your kind words and Prayers. My sister is back in the hospital as of this morning. She has not been able to sleep and quite restless so want to keep her to see what they can do.
Beverly and Mimi we have our calender marked for the third Saturday of May in 2006. Once the new year rolls around we will start to count down.
Thanks everyone for my plants. Betty

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

I called Hilliard Parks & Recration today. Yes, I've reserved shelter # 5 for Saturday, May 20, 2006 for the Spring Swap. It's the same shelter as the spring swaps 2003,2004 & 2005. Stay tuned...Mimi and I will give you the info later on.


PS>>>>Thanks, again Diane.

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I know I've been a little slow in thanking Dianne for such a great swap. And, everyone else for such great plants and such a great time. I havn't gotten my new plants all planted yet because of being so busy at work, but I'll get there.

Have a great day!

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hagey(z5 MI)

Trish, I hope you see this. I just could not help writing to let you know. I took one of your daylilies Buttered Popcorn and later decided to take another of the same. We volunteer at the Garden Project and were asked if we could put about 25 plants together to donate to a group of handycapped children for a flower garden. They are planting this fall so they would have flowers next summer. I decided to give one of the Buttered Popcorn Daylily plants to them along with other plants from our garden. The children are interested in the names as well as the plants. The instructer told me that they could not get over the daylily called Buttered Popcorn. Some of the remarks were:
It has to look like popcorn
I think it will be yellow like the butter poured over it
I think it will be white and yellow because the butter does not go all over it
Maybe it is white with yellow specks all over
Will it look greasy from butter
We got a big laugh over all the speculation remarks. By the way these children are five to seven years old. So a Big Thanks goes to Trish for making the children happy.
It is great to see some of these children having a great time in the garden.

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I sure hope I can come next year. I tore a rotator cup in my shoulder and could not dig all the daylilies I wanted to dig/divide to bring. I emailed someone in the group who said they were starting a daylily collection, a nice young lady named Kim, (I also emailed Granny but did not hear back from her - the email probably did not get through) and Kim came to my house and dug for hours with 2 friends the Saturday before the swap. I know she brought a lot of divisions to the swap since I could not bring them myself. They dug a HUGE clump of BUTTERED POPCORN. I am not sure if you got some of mine, or some of Trish's but if it was some of mine, I am SO happy to hear some of it will be enjoyed by some children. This is what gardening is all about. My elderly Mom who lives with me thought I was NUTS to have invited someone I have never met to come to my house to dig plants for a swap of people I had never met. But, I had a wonderful time, and I think Kim, Winnie, and Antonio did too. I was able to give away some really wonderful daylilies, and make some new friends, and some people at the swap will have some really cool daylilies from someone they never knew! Daylilies like BEYOND THUNDERDOME, SWALLOWTAIL KITE, and ALL AMERICAN CHIEF may never make it to the Walmarts but boy they are nice ones to grow.

They also dug quite a few hosta and things that were struggling in the sun because the trees that used to shade them were destroyed by last year's ice storm.

I'll be there in the spring!!!!!

Jules in Licking County

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Thanks for the thoughts, but Buttered Popcorn was there thanks to Jules, Kim, Winnie, and Antonio. I brought quite a few daylilies, and I brought our family friend, Dick, who also brought some daylilies. But, Buttered Popcorn wasn't one of them. It's a classic, so I'm sure the kids will enjoy seeing it bloom. It's a golden yellow, 32 inches high, the bloom is 6 inches, and it is fragrant.

Thanks for sharing the wonderful story.

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

Betty...this is a wonderful story. It's just such a perfect extension of the beauty of gardening and reaching children. I loved that you shared it.


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Well that is a nice story Betty, my daughter picked up a Buttered Popcorn Daylily too, so thank you Jules and Trish and Dick, I think Cathy picked some from all of you.
Jules hope you can come in the spring, hopefully you can bring some more of your lilys. Since my daughter is interested in them I will be too, but my fav. is hosta! I have read if you collect hosta then you may start collecting daylilys too, and vice versa, I think this is true because it seems that is what I'm doing, my garden is Cathy's garden and her garden is mine!
Today my grand children 2 and 5 planted a poppy and hardy geranium that came from the swap. They love digging in the dirt with their Mamaw, there was even a little tiff over the trowel (shovel) to them, but they got over that. I can't wait until next year when they bloom and they know they planted them! I'm starting them out early! linda

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hagey(z5 MI)

Daylilyfan, I am sorry, I thought they belonged to Trish. Thank you for bringing them and I knew you wonderful gardeners would approve giving a start to these children. I feel sorry for them but am happy to see them so enthused over this garden. We were happy to share plants from our garden as well as the Garden Project Garden. I hope we can meet at the May 2006 Plant Swap. It is a fun event and have met many great gardeners there. I did meet Kim as we did a private swap. She wanted hostas and I wanted daylilies. I did not get to talk to her as much as I would have liked. Perhaps next spring. We hope to do a trade again. Hubby just finished cutting the leaves off some of the hostas and said we need to divide some of these hostas.
Kim, I am sure you had fun digging for Daylilyfan. It sounds like when Beverly was digging to move from MI to OH. I helped her dig and pot and she loaded me up with so many plants. She had a lot of shade plants and moving to mostly sun.
Beverly, remember when you were digging for your move to Ohio? That was a sad time for us and your plants. The people who bought did not keep them up and told your neighbor she could dig them out. Was that the way it went?
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2006 Exchange. Betty

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

Hi Betty...yes, I surely do remember digging up (and dividing) all those plants when I moved to Ohio from Michigan in 2000. Betty was so kind to come and help me dig, dig, dig and pot up!! I was so sad to leave my garden...so, I took alot of it with me. Betty and other gardening friends helped to lessen my load by helping me take my garden with me to my new home. My friends got to leave with many, many starts for their own gardens.

Yes, the lady that bought my house was thrilled with all the flowers I left. Then, she didn't do one thing with the gardens. She told my former next door neighbor, Fran, she could have all the plants to wanted. "Just take them". she said. So...Fran did and I came back and got a few more.

The family that lives in my former home now...loves all the gardens and has restored them and added to them. They look great!

Thanks for the memory, Betty!


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gardengirl_17(z5 OH)

Jules aka Daylily Fan was beyond generous with her daylilies! I don't think I even counted the divisions we brought to the swap, but I think it was more than 80. Buttered popcorn was so HUGE I think we got 20 divisions out of it alone! :) I had a great time digging. Jules was a very good teacher. I didn't have really any experience digging and dividing daylilies so it was a great experience. Winnie, Antonio and I spent a long evening at their place, dividing and tagging, in addition to a couple of nights on our own. I feel like a very seasoned daylily divider now!

I will certainly have a lot of interesting varieties to share at future swaps. I enjoyed the private trade with Betty so much and hope we can chat a little more at the Spring swap. I'm really excited to see the new hostas I got from Betty when they come up in Spring.

Hopefully Jules is doing better next Spring and can attend in person. BTW, Jules how is the shoulder?

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