Night blooming Jasmine in Maine???

roycebro(z5ME)May 16, 2005

Hi everyone!!

I just came back from Florida and at the resort I stayed at, they had night blooming jasmine vines every where!! Do you think I could grow it up here? I would love to try it. Do you start it by seed or cuttings? Anyone willing to trade with me?

Thanks ahead of time!

Heather in Newport, Maine

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Sure you can grow it in Maine, if you have a spot with full sun all day, but of course you'll have to bring it inside for the winter.

I don't grow this one -- it's too big for my indoor space and the scent can be overwhelming indoors -- but however you get one, put it in a pot (not too large for the size of the plant) give it a lot of sun and keep it moist while it's getting established.

Once the roots get settled, it'll grow quickly, and you may have to pot up during the season. It can also take a lot of water and fertilizer once it's established, so long as there's sunny weather and good air movement.

The trick is keeping it alive during winter, and it's not going to look very pretty. Prune it back hard before you bring it in, give it as much sun as you possibly can, but not too much water and fertilizer, and make sure you've got a fan on it or some way of keeping the air fresh, to avoid spider mites and yellow, dropping leaves.

good luck!


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