jasmine beesianum

kandhi(z7VA)May 31, 2005

my jasmine beesianum is blooming but I do not see any fragrance. It has very light fragrance. The plant is 3ft and full of small pink flowers. I have this planted in ground outside and it survived last winter therefore is is hardy to zone 6B and 7A. Since it is a wine I want to get rid of it locally.

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Sounds to me like you consider yours to be an un-fragrant weed?! That is very helpful to know. Last year I thought about trying one until someone on this forum said pretty much the same. So now am having good luck with officinale (survived last winter here and blooming now) and am also trying stephanense, which I'm under the impression is a cross between beesianum and officinale. Anyway, thanks for letting us know! 'Mare

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