Heirloom tomato help, please!

genniebFebruary 2, 2009

I want to plant heirloom tomatoes this year. I am a novice. My plants didn't do so great last year but they weren't in enough sun. My question is what types of seed will do well in a hot, sunny spot in my yard?

Back yard gets really hot sun in the afternoon. Are there any particular types that will take well to that environment? I'm a bit overwhelmed at all the different seeds out there!

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What type, Large, medium, Roma, Cherry?
What color?
Tomatoes do well in full sun, if provided enough moisture. A thich layer of mulch can help retain soil moisture.
I have grown a few Heirlooms, with great success:
Rutgers, Mariglobe
Last few years, I just planted Better Boy, Big Boy or Beefmaster, which I obtained locally, in pots.
Weather determines the amount of fruit set you will get. Some varieties will tolerate high levels of humidity, more than others. You would probably want to check that, before puchasing seed/plants.

Don't plant Tomatoes in the same location each year, to avoid possible disease.
Till soil as deep as possible and ammend generously with well composted manure or compost.
Plant the roots as deeply as possible, removing some of the lower leaves on the plant, if necessary. Roots will later develop on the stem.
Add some lime to the soil when planting to help avoid Blossom End Rot(BER).

Sorry to say, I won't be growing Tomatoes this year.
I love the taste of freshly picked, red, ripe fruit, but have developed an allergy to them and can no longer tolerate any foods that contain tomatoes, raw or cooked.
Here's a link to a heirloom seed company that a number of friends buy from and recommend.
Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Baker Creek

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