Best small boxwood for in front of porch

organic_gardenhag(7)February 5, 2013

My front porch is 3' off the ground on one end 3 1/2'-4' on the other. Has to be something to hide the ugly. Would rather plant then use anykind of wood screen. I am thinking winter gem or winter green, any experience with either used like this? All the information is conflicting. I HATE sheering anything, and winter gem seems to be the best, afternoon shade, slow growing to 5' max. The builder planted Ligustrum, finally got my husband to take them out. He extracted the with a strap tied to a small loader bucket. So glad, but he would not throw them away, so planted them wher I don't have to deal with them, or barely look at them.

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I wouldn't bother with the Boxwoods. They tend to die back and will be unsightly in the front.

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Sorry I am in zone 7. I finally just got them. They will still be better than the horrible ligustrum. I just wanted a nice bright green, something, soft, evergreen, slow growing to fit the space. What else is there, they are not planted yet?

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Dwarf yaupon holly is a standard small evergreen shrub for foundation use. Usually available at Home Depot and Lowes almost year round.

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i agree with esh_ga, i am removing azaleas from the foundation area of my house and am going to plant dwarf yaupons. they are not the bright, shiny green of boxwoods but are a good, dark green. they also do not bronze during winter like the boxwoods do. that awful orange winter color can look terrible in combination with some house paint colors!
these same shrub types are planted around my office building foundation and look good yearround. even the ones on the north side are not stunted or sparse from lack of winter sun.

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