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flash407May 1, 2011

I have some very sick gardenias. They were planted 4 years ago and started off doing beautifully. Then about 2 years, they started to decline in health. This is their current state.!

These photos were taken about 1:45 in the afternoon. My house faces west and I live in Houston (zone 9).

Any help would be appreciated! I'm a declared "black thumb" but have hope!

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thanks for posting the photos....couldn't figure it out!

We have a sprinkler system. Our yard man has maintained it and everything else in the yard is fine (except for the ferns that are rebounding from the freeze....)

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THe sprinkler system is destroying your gardenias.
Slowly, poor things.
When was the last time you bought some composted manure and loosened the soil around the gardenias roots?
Sprinkler bad.
Mulch loosened alot and organic (composted manure) put under the shrub.
I am taking for granted that you don't feed it, that is why I suggested the composted manure, gardenias love it.

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So when you say "sprinkler bad," does that mean too much water? It's already been so hot in Houston and we're suffering from extremely dry conditions and it's only May!

I'll get some composted manure and loosen then soil.

Any other hints?

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Composted manure mixed in with the soil will help hold moisture in for the plants, and then a nice amount of either pine straw or pine mulch also really holds the moisture into the soil for your plants and shrubs.
Sprinkler systems are horrible for plants and shrubs.
You are suppose to water your plants and shrubs WHEN they need it. Not with a sprinkler on a schedule.
The sprinkler watering not only doesn't really adequetly
soak down to the plant roots effectively, but it sprays all over your shrubs, in which case, you have gardenias, which are extemely vulnerable to diseases from water
If it's really hot out, I water my shrubs by hand either early in the morning, (best time), or after dinner, when I can stand the heat better.
You have to check to see if it needs water, by putting your finger down far in the soil at the base of the shrub to see if it is moist.
I wouldn't have a sprinkler on any of my trees, plants or shrubs.
It just needs a good soaking every 7-10 days or so when it is hot and dry out, if you mulch and add compost.
Good Luck to you.

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I have a feeling you will be back and I just anted to say hi and I hope you are well.

Always helpful


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You knew I would read that....LOL.
I laughed when I saw you said hmmmm
Hope your sweet olive and citrus are as beautiful
as you always have them.
Take Care.

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