Our landscaper thought we went crazy!

bocron(z7a GA)February 17, 2013

I have just cleared my front garden. We removed all lawn so we will have WAY more room for planting beds. My hope is to add a conifer section (probably small, dwarf or minis mostly) . An herb section, a fairy garden, so many possibilities.. My front yard is on the north side of the house. The 10 feet right up against the house is always shady but the rest bakes in the summer.
Here is my yard a couple of summers ago,

And here it is as of this morning, that is a wide gravel path meandering through the front.

And a view from the front stoop facing out,

I'm just looking for suggestions and ideas if anyone has thoughts.
Oh, and when all was said and done our landscaper loved it!
We live on 12 acres in Milton, so we actually have plenty of grass to maintain on the rest of the property.

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buford(7 NE GA)

I love it! In the sunny spots, you could plant roses. Knockouts have good color and are disease free. They can get large, so don't plant them too close together.

In the shady parts you could plant some japanese maples.

It sounds very exciting. Please post pictures when you do plant.

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Wonderful - we all have too much grass! I hope you will consider adding some native plants to this area. Sun and shade, wet and dry, there are native possibilities for all conditions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Georgia Native Plant Society

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How will you control runoff?

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bocron(z7a GA)

Everything on the property slopes to one side. There is a catch basin in the middle of the gravel area that is kind of visible in the picture. My husband has spent years slowly grading the property to make use of a few natural drainage ditches alongside the house (the lower part of our property has a large creek where everything eventually ends up). The area directly in front of the house is pretty stable now, even when we had the unheard of 500 year flood 2 years ago this whole area was unaffected. Once the beds are planted I'm thinking we'll be golden :).

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Looks awesome. I live in the Alpharetta area, right near downtown, been living here for 15 years . Used to be a vendor at the Down Town Alpharetta Farmers market before they became more commercialized and I started college. . Still thinking about going back as a vendor, it's very temping and it's only like a $500 investment. . I like talking to the Milton police/Firemen, and I went to the OLD Milton Highschool. I work full time and just graduated last August from North Georgia College and State University. I spend my free time playing music with my dad, working out, and doing some serious garden work. Nice to hear some people living close by that are in to landscaping.

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