Pot size?

birdsnbloomsMay 20, 2008

Hi. My Gardenia has been in the same pot/soil since 1995. Roots are not growing from drainage holes, but I'd like to add more soil and/or repot.

It's in a 10" plastic, growing pot. What's the largest pot, an indoor-winter/outdoor-summer-grower can thrive? I'm afraid to repot in too large a container since, so far, cross my fingers, lol, the plant is fine.

Is there anyone here who grows Gardenias indoors in winter, who has their 'denia in a larger than 10" pot? Thanks, Toni

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Gardenias do just fine in large pots -- when they do fine at all (see the suicidal gardenia thread and other tales of woe)!

Go one size up, so about 12" is right. You want room for the roots to grow, but not so much room that you get soggy soil at the bottom of the pot, which leads to root rot, which leads to death.

Try not to disturb the roots too much when repotting; just ease out the rootball and seat it into the new potting mix inside the new pot, then fill in, water, step back, and cross your fingers!

Congrats, by the way, on your success with your 'denia so far!


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