Fall Plant Swap & Pot Luck Lunch

Chele_IN(z6 IN)October 1, 2005

It's time for the Fall Perennial Plant Swap and Pot Luck lunch- so come on down/up/over - bring your plants and any extras you might have, your dish for the pot luck, bring a friend or two, with his/her plants and join in the fun! This is a great time to meet other gardeners from the area, have a bite to eat, and come home with some new plants.


The location for this swap is Columbus IN, Mill Race Park.

Driving instructions/map will be posted shortly.


DATE: Sunday October 16, 2005

TIME: 11:00 AM - whenever we stop

PLACE: Mill Race Park (across from Sears parking lot-Commons Mall)


11-NOON - people arrive, sign in with name and number of plants, get name tag, put plants in assigned viewing/swap area, put out dish to pass, visit with other gardeners, start viewing plants.

NOON - have lunch, visit and have Gift Exchange


1:00PM - Swap begins

After swap - more visiting, pack up, goodbyes.

This will be a Round Robin Swap.

Rounds #1-2-3 - everyone select one plant.

Rounds #4-5-6 everyone select 2 plants.

Rounds #7-8-9 - everyone selects 3 plants and so on and so on. This way everyone gets a chance to get some of the plants they really have on eye on. Everyone should be able to take home as many plants as they bring.

SWAP MATERIALS: perennial plants, well-rooted cuttings and divisions potted up, shrubs, and bulbs. Please make sure whatever plants, cuttings etc.that you bring, are of a size you would be happy with, if you were to swap for them. PLEASE MARK ALL PLANT MATERIALS WITH THE PLANT NAME AND CARE REQUIRED.

POT LUCK: Please bring a dish to pass, with serving untensils, and your own beverage; be sure to bring and mark your serving spoons etc. with your name. Paper plates, napkins, cups & plastic silverware will be provided.

* If your last name begins with A-L please bring an appetizer or main dish. *

* If your last name begins with M-Z please bring a dessert or salad. *

For those who don't have many plants to swap, but would like to attend, that's okay, there are usually lots of extra plants to be shared.

TIPS FOR THE DAY: bring a folding chair (optional), a table for your plants (optional), or you can put them on the ground, a box or container to put your new plants in after swapping (label the box/container with your name) & bring and mark your serving utensils for your dish to pass

PLEASE POST HERE IF YOU ARE COMING AND TO PREREGISTER. Also, let us know if you'll be attending the pot luck lunch and gift exchange, or just coming for the swap.

I'll post driving directions/map soon.

Bring along your gardening friends so they too can share their extra perennials and acquire some more! START POTTING UP THOSE PLANTS AND CUTTINGS NOW so that they are nicely rooted for the swap - you want them to be strong and healthy for heading into winter.

Hopefully it'll be a bright sunny day, but, bring sweaters/jackets, just in case. (This is my 3rd year to have a swap in Oct, every year so far, it's been pretty warm and sunny....so,keep your fingers crossed).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask...

'Chele (aka Micky)

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indyflower(z6 IN)

Wow, this sounds like a great PLANT SWAP, POTLUCK & GIFT EXCHANGE.
Hey, count me in! My last name begins with a G, I'll bring a Main Dish and a Gift to exchange.
I have a few plants I would love to share & find new homes. I attended the Indiana Plant Swap held earlier this year and met some wonderful gardeners and got some great plants! I look forward to seeing everyone again! I'll need directions, so I'll check in for updates.

MICKY: Thanks for hosting! You have everything so well organized!
SCOTT: Thanks for emailing me with the details.

Happy Gardening <:- harriette>

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IceGardens(z5 SE IN.)

Looking forward to seeing everyone again, and making new garden buddies.

See you on the 16th!


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fionasol(z5 Indianapolis)

Aggh! I'm going to be out of town that weekend. I'll try to make it back in time, but I probably will only make it to the swap. Micky, if you want me to give you a call Sunday morning to let you know for sure if I'll make it, let me know.

(sorry if this posted twice, I was getting weird errors)


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Im looking forward to the plantswap, Ive been trying to
gather a few friends to come along also, Micky you always
have such a great swap!
I`ll try to get there early.
Looking forward to seeing everyone and making new friends.


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Chele_IN(z6 IN)

Here are directions to Mill Race Park....

Take I-65 South to Exit 76A (Columbus/Taylorsville - US 31 South Exit), merge onto 31 South, get and stay in right hand lane.

You'll go through 3 stop lights
Light #1 Big Foot gas station on right side of road.
Light #2 Silgas propane business bldg on left side of road, large propane tank out front, with SILGAS in big letters.
(You'll drive a little distance between each of these lights).

As soon as you go through light #3, you'll veer to the right onto exit IN-11 South (I think there's a sign above the stop light or just past the stop light that says Downtown Columbus).

Follow IN-11 South to the first stop light, turn right at light (Lindsey Street) get in the right hand lane, park is on right, watch for Mill Race Park entrance on right (it's before the next light).

I'll have a sign or balloons or something, to mark the entrance to the park, and leading to where we are in the park. (I won't know where we'll set up, until the day of the swap).

If by some chance you miss the IN-11 South exit, (that means you went straight instead of veering to the right onto 11), go to the next stop light (Washington Street) turn right onto Washington Street, take Washington Street to 5th Street, turn right onto 5th Street, take 5th Street as far as you can (2 blocks I think) and you'll be right across from the park entrance.

If all else fails, stop anywhere and ask how to get to Mill Race Park.

I'm horrible at giving directions, so if they don't make sense let me know, I'll get someone to 'splain them better.

'Chele (aka Micky)

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I have never attended a plant swap, I am coming with my mother in tow. Unfortunately, we probably won't make the lunch though.

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Chele_IN(z6 IN)

Wellllll..........I goofed, I forgot to tell about the gift exchange.

Bring a NEW wrapped garden gift valued between $5-$10, for the gift exchange.

When you arrive at the swap, you'll place your gift in a box, and you'll be given half of a numbered ticket, the other half of the ticket will be kept for the drawing. Everyone that brings a gift, will get a different gift to take home.

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