Name this Shrub Please

puppyscruff(7/NC)May 28, 2008

While wandering around an elegant formal garden yesterday, I came upon a lovely, large flowering shrub whose name escapes me...after plodding through Dirr and perusing the internet.

The scent was honeysuckle/star jasmine and the little white/tinge of pink lily of the valley type flowers lined the underside of each leafy stem. The stems seemed to grow long and pendant from the center, like a huge bouquet. Just so delicate and lovely!

Any ideas? It's the end of May here in central NC.

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Hmmm, itea virginica? oxydendrum arboreum? some sort of weird weigela?

Those'd be my best guesses -- any chance you got a picture of the thing?


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I should have taken a picture, but didn't think of it...duh!
Don't think it's itea or weigela, but let me check the other one. Also, I may call the gardeners at this place and let you know if they tell me the name.

Thanks, claire

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maybe styrax (obassia or japonicus).

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Some deutzias are fragrant, I think. Might be worth a Google. Or a new Dirr-ection. Sorry-couldn't resist. :)

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Was it Erica carnea?

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