Camellia fungus

chezronFebruary 24, 2010

I have a row of Camellia sasanqua 'Leslie Ann' they are upright growers. Anyway every year they experience die back caused by a fungus. Two of them are doing very well, but the other three are substantially affected every year. I use mulch and planted them high. I think the area is too wet in general. Should I dig up the three and plant another kind of plant? If so, what kind? It needs to be wet-tolerant (obviously) with narrow upright growth, and preferably wildlife value.

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Chezron, are you sure it's not tea scale? My mom's Camellia is in a low, wet area and she has a similar problem. She thought it was a fungus; however, on my last visit I discovered that her problem was tea scale, not a fungus. Anyway, I guess my question is, "Are you sure it's a fungus?"

If 2 of them are doing well and the other 3 have a problem, I'd try to address the problem before pulling them up. How old and/or big are they? Also, is mulching a good idea in a wet area? I removed all of my mom's mulch in hopes that the soil would dry out sooner.

I'm a rookie at gardening & certainly not the one to advise you on what to do. I'll watch this post to see what the experts have to say. Perhaps I'll learn some tricks to help save my mom's Camellia.

Good luck!


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Here's a Clemson U. publication that may be helpful.

I've grown Camellias for many years and have experienced few diseases during that time, until last year. Leaf-gall on a few sasanquas and Iron chlorosis on one or two japonicas has been the only past problems, but last year we received so much rainfall, that three young one's died from root-rot.
I have always been careful to provide good drainage for them, but was caught off-guard when so much rain came in a very short time and the soil, while still warm, became saturated. They were gone, before I realized there was a problem.
Good luck with yours!

Here is a link that might be useful: Camellia Diseases & Insect Pests

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