where to get straw?

esthermgrFebruary 1, 2010

Anybody know where to get stale year-old straw for free in Atlanta? I want it for a variety of reasons, including hilling potatoes this summer and possibly mulching a chicken coop. I guess I would need straw without a ton of weed seeds in it, since it will all eventually find its way into the garden.

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I dont know of anyone who gives it away free..but usually the Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin has folks who sell straw(mulch straw) pretty cheap. Go to the Ga Dept of Ag website and look. THink there were some ads for it in there last week. YOu can also post a wanted ad for free.
Good Luck
PS>>IT costs a lot to bale that stuff..twine/fuel for tractors etc..so they usually charge even for mulch hay/straw in my experience

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HOME Depot just ask them for it.

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vietzero, do they just give it away?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

No, Home Depot sells it. The only time I get free straw is when I ask for fall displays from local stores. I have to buy the rest.

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