Why aren't my potatoes sprouting?

esthermgrFebruary 26, 2010

I put several pounds of seed potatoes on newspaper on the floor of my sunroom in front of the window to sprout. It's been more than a week and I'm not seeing much action. They have healthy eyes and little nubs of sprouts but the sprouts aren't really growing or getting bigger. Is it too cool in there or something? How long is this supposed to take? I don't want to miss the window to plant... I may get impatient and just cut them and plant them, nubs and all...

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It takes time. Once you have those nubs, they are ok.
Definitely cold is not a problem. I have had potatoes
sprouning in the frig.
You can plant them anytime but since it will be cold for the next week or so, just hold on and then plant them.
You can plant potatoes even without greening (pre=sprouting) but it will take longer to sprout in the ground.

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Put taters in bag with small holes for ventilation in warm dark utility room (with washer= dryer). sprouts will start to grow in 5 to 8 days. GOOD LUCK Bill

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Sprouts grown in the dark is not very good.
The experts recomment placing them single layer on a tray, in the light at room temperatures. This is called "GREENING"
because while sprouting the seeds will get green.
Sprouts grown this way are better than those grown in the dark, in thr bag.

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