Planting beets in south Georgia

aunt-tootieFebruary 7, 2010

Hello South Georgia Gardeners,

I planted beets this Fall and had only a few reach 2 inches in diameter....the rest were about the diameter of a pencil.

I want to try planting beets this Spring. Have any of you had luck planting beets in the Spring? When do you plant them? Any beet growing secrets you would like to share? Thanks.

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In south Ga, even in Mid GA, growing cool crops is a challenge. The summers are very long and you cannot start cool crops sooner. Once you can start them, its get cold, such that plants will not grow much. Your beets in case is a good example.
Spring planting is similar, because we have a short spring. Towards the end of June it can be real HOT. But still, I think spring planting is better if you start thing inside and transplant shortly after they germinate and have couple of true leaves. I would only try leafey veggies that do not require maturing; And those are: spinach, chards, mustard greens, lettuce, radish. FORGET about broccolie and cabbages, I remind myself.

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oh Gotta disageree about the cabbages..We have a lot fo cabbage growers around Moultrie Ga..I see them brining in big trailers to the farmers market there..and they are really good. Im not sure when they plant they harves tthem pretty early.
I have also grown brocolli with pretty good success.. I have seen some great rutabagas grown here..Havent tried them myself yet.

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casey, I did not say it cannot be done. I am sure there are technics and know hows. I know it is much easier to grow cabbage and sort in northern states with shorter, cooler summers, than in the south.

I have planted some cabbages and kohrabies last fall and they are growing right now, in my garden, survived the harsh January.
I tried broccolies couple of years ago(fall planting) They did not do well.

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It probably depends on the variety of cabbage and brocolli too. I know I never had any luck growing english peas here..fall or winter planted until I tried Early Perfection and they were very vigorous growers and producers.. compared to the Alaska and little Marvle that i had planted that produced little to nothing here in South Ga..
WIsh I knew one of those cabbage producers to ask which variety..because these are very nice south Ga grown cabbages.

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In Augusta most cool weather crops can be grown in fall, winter, or spring. English peas (Willet Wonder or Alaska, I prefer Willet Wonder) do well planted the last of November and overwintered. I do short season broccoli both spring and fall ( just remember it has to finish up in early June or it burns out in the heat. Fall crop planted a round labor day. Cabbage does better as a spring crop, again early cultivars like Quick Start. Rutabaga does well as a winter crop also plant around labor day for Harvest in late December -January. Beets do best for me in a spring (February) planting.

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Of course, Mr. Farmerdilla.Who has the expertise and knowledge like you have? Not me, for sure. Rigth now I have less than a dozen cabbages and kohrabies. Amazingly, they seemto be growing in this cold weather. I started them from seeds last August, more than 6 months ago!!!!.
That is a long tome. I rather grow onions as cold crop.
My lettuce/aurugulas doing fine too.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Farmerdilla, those are gorgeous broccoli. I've not seen anyone be able to grow broccoli that generous right around Atlanta :( I would love to be able to!!!

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Those are beautiful veggies! What varieties of broccoli and beets do you grow?

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Broccoli is very easy to grow. I start in a cold frame around February 1, transplant into the soil in late March early April. Nothing special(just plow, disk, add a liitle 10-10-10 and set)I keep the cabbage worms off with Bt. Varieties that I grown well over the past five years are Superdome, Galleon, Blue Wind, Early Dividend, Green Comet, Barbados, Everest,Packman, Green Goliath. Varieties that have been less than expected include Belstar, Bonanza and Gypsy. In the past I have grown many of the older varieties include some of the sprouting broccolis, but I like nice heads so I no longer play with them.
As for beets, Improved Blood Turnip, Crosby's Egyptian, Merlin, Cylindra, Early Wonder, Ruby Queen, Red Cloud, Kestrel, Chicago Red, Pacemaker III. I tried Detroit Dark Red back in the fifties, but I never liked them, so I don't play with them anymore.

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Farmerdilla, I will follow your method and will start some broccoli in my cold frame later today. Your broccoli is very tempting. My few cabbages are doing fine (now they are under snow, as I am writing this post)

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