hosta_house(IL 6)May 4, 2010

Does anyone grow Tuberose? I used to but haven't grown it in 10 years,I ordered some off Ebay today, I remember it multiplies quickly but the main problem I used to have was bloom time, it was always ready to bloom in the fall when there was the threat of frost. I used to have so many I had most of them in the ground and one year I just left them over winter. I do miss that scent, so much I'm willing to try again. Anyone in my zone have any tips?

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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

I am living one zone colder than you are. I always grow mine in a black pot. Yes, they are kind of late to bloom. They need the warmth which I am missing. They bloom around September for me. I think the key is to start indoors and then move them outdoors in a sunny spot.

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Hi hosta house,

I live in zone 7 and still grow mine in pots. THe rectangular pots and they are in there permanently. Tuberoses cannot handle any cold. Also you can use a phosphorus fertilizer. Like bulb boosters or something. Mine are inside all winter long and when the weather is warm enough, I put them out. tuberose cannot handle even 50 degree weather! If I were you, I would grow them in pots. It saves the trouble of planting every spring and then bringing them back inside in fall!
Hope that helps

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marquest(z5 PA)

I have grown them in pots for 3 years. I bring it in the house in Oct and put it in my laundry room and it never goes totally dormant because of the warmth and light from the window. I give it a sip of water once a month. I put it outside every May on the patio that is blazing sun all day. It starts to bloom in July.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I grow them in my greenhouse. We are zone 8 here but it is a cloudy and rainy zone 8 and they don't get enough heat to bloom here.

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I grew tuberose last year. They were growing up against the side of my house (semi-sheltered) and facing east so they got the warmth of the morning sun. Unfortunately, I neglected to dig them up before winter, and they didn't come back this year.

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For years I grew them in pots - I used to lift them and store like dahlias, but I like the idea of just leaving them in the pot and overwintering that way.

I had a dinner party one night with friends on the deck in September when they were in full bloom - that fragrance was just absolutely phenominal. My friend told me she has always had a pot of them since that night. Don't you love it when you can make a memory like that?

I have one big pot this year growing out there and just starting to push up - it's in the sun so I'm hoping for the September treat.

I always use the single Mexican ones - I've heard the doubles aren't quite as fragrant - true?

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double ones are not as fragrant as single mexican ones based on my experience. single ones are the best and one single stem with 3-4 blooms is enough to fill with fragrance the whole kitchen and dining area. I bought them from local home depot last year and lost them to frost, what is the good source to buy these in NE region? Is it ok to plant tuberose bulbs now or is it too late. Generally, they should be stated sometime in april to see some blooms the same season.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Kandhi, I bought mine from Tennessee Tuberoses last winter, they sell the single kind. (google their name)

I sowed the bulbs in Jan and just now they are blooming, so about 5 months? If grown in pots I'm sure you can plant them at any time, provided they will get sufficient sunlight and or supplement lighting.

You are right, 3-4 blooms are enough to perfume the whole living room at night.

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I love tuberoses, and have tried a couple of years to grow them in pots, but never gotten any blooms -- I suspect not enough fertilization and too much drying out on my oven of a terrace in the summer. I'm trying again with a single variety from McClure and Zimmerman -- most bulb speciality nurseries have them.

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Kandhi, I've got news for you.
Virginia is definitely in the South.
To prove this to you, even barring the whole "Lee surrenders at Appomattox" incedent, Tuberoses are not plants you can buy at the Home Depot in the North.

Tuberoses are Southern plants supreme, as iconic of the Southern States as they are rewarding to grow there. As many of the forum members can attest, zones 7 & 8 in the North present circumstances somewhat different from their corresponding regions in the South. Tuberoses do not flourish in the ground, and here are the specialties of pot culture, tire planters, and Old Lady gardeners.

Even though you do live in the South, and they will thrive in the Summer sun, your winters are still often too cold to leave Tuberoses out. You will most likely need to dig them up and store them in peat. Easier than this is to grow them in clay pots, take the container in in the Fall, and store in the cool basement, (frost free) garages, or failing that, dryish in the house.

On the other hand, the time was once that Gladioli were not considered hardy plants in New Jersey, but now they surely are. Zone 7 is border line hardiness for Tuberose, so if they multiply for you, and you wish to try leaving some out, here would be my list of tips. Firstly, mulch them deeply as soon as the foliage dies down with something light textured, like salt hay. Secondly, plant them as near the house as you can - it is warmer there, up to a zone and a half on a south facing wall. Finally if you can, plant them under the eaves of the house - here it is dry and they are protected from vicissitudes of the freeze and thaw cycle. You may find your plants to come up more springs than not in your lovely Virginia climate.

An excellent source for these is Touch of Nature, mail order bulb specialists in Georgia. Here you may purchase both the single Mexican and double 'The Pearl'. They are of high quality and priced entisingly.

Best wishes,
Matt Di Clemente

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

My Mexican Tuberose just bloomed recently. OMG, the wafting power of it is soooooo strong. A single stalk of flowers filled the whole living room and kitchen with a gardenia-like fragrance and only half of the flowers on that stalk are opened. I highly reccomend everyone one here get one. This is a must have and I seriously mean it! :D

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As of today, my pot of 'The Pearl' are getting ready to bloom!
When the leaves come up in spring, they fill in very quickly and seem to stay just that way all summer.
You can tell that they will bloom soon when out of the central crown of leaves comes up a stem. This stem will now have the central crown of leaves at its end, and then come the flower scapes. The exicitement is building day by day.

My pot of Single Mexican Tuberose has not put up any bloom stems yet. Mine seem to be a smaller, not quiet as robust plant anyway though. I am looking forward to both.

Best wishes,

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Matti, thanks for the info. I got single petal ones as exchange from one of gardenweb friends 2 months ago and I planted them in pots and it is blooming now. .

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Thats a really nice picture Kandhi. Having them bloom in 2 month is really great. Most of the ones I planted back in May (the Pearl and Mexican Single) haven't even bloomed yet, I only have one stalk from the Mexican Single so far.

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musaboru, thanks. I have them in 2 gallon pots and we had high temperature in 90+ with extreme heat, that could be one of the reason they bloomed earlier. Now my debate is to dig them up next month to bring them or bring the whole potted plant inside.

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Dear Kanhi,
Thank-you for posting your beautiful picture.
Are those Plumerias and a double form of Sambac jasmine we see in the background?
I wish I were there!
I would love to hear about them.
Best wishes,

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Matt, Yes they are plumerias and double form jasmine from logees. This year due to heat and high temp all my tropicals are doing great

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