Asian Pear Updates?

manfromyard(7b/8a)February 10, 2013

Anyone get any good production from these? I've seen posts where people say Yes, but they don't know what the variety is. I'm having trouble finding either a self-fertile variety or a pollinating pair that is fire blight resistant.Does anyone have a named variety that does well?

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I'm up here in the frigid northland of southern west-central KY, so my input may not be appropriate for you, but here 'tis.

Not many Asians on the NCGR list of fireblight-resistant cultivars(see link below).
But - I do see Ya Li on the list, and it has been a standout here, ever since it began fruiting, 3 years ago. No FB - and I do have FB in my orchard. The fruits are very good; it's the latest-ripening Asian in my collection.
Tsu Li is also on the list, but I don't care much for it.
Chojuro is my fave - beautiful russetted fruits, with a butterscotch undertone in the flavor. I does take some FB hits, but it's not been unmanageable.
You might also look into Tennosui, a seedling of the Tenn pear, presumably with Hosui as the pollen parent. It's getting good reviews as far south as Houston TX.

Here is a link that might be useful: NCGR Pyrus - FB-resistant cultivar list

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Thank you so much. The main concern I have, apart from the fireblight, is the chilling hours. Tennosui looks like it might be a keeper, but I'm having some trouble finding a nursery that has this one. Maybe I'll just put in another persimmon.

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Just Fruits (Fla.) does a nice job if your local can't supply you and are in an adjacent state.

Here is a link that might be useful: Just Fruits & Exotics

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