Please remember the newbies

ohiovalleygardener(5/6)July 28, 2012

Maybe I shouldn't speak for all newbies but as for me. As I look on the beautiful pics each of you share I can't wait until my new daylily bed is full of color and my hands are busy working on each addition.

I know it's necessary but the thought of some of your lovely seedlings going to the compost pile is so sad. Of course the year that I first tried to winter sow I planted every seedling that came up and my yard ended up looking like a jungle. Just couldn't bear to have even 1 not have a chance to grow.

Anyway. I know that I would gladly send postage to have some of the seedlings that you don't want to continue with that may not come up to the standards of your gardens. I'm not interested in names necessarily but colors.

I hope I didn't step out of line, don't want to offend anyone. I just know to well how hard it is to get started when your budget is very tight. So any daylilies I can get or daylily seeds are such a blessing.

Thank you for sharing with me all the beauty of your gardens.

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I don't have seeds or seedlings, but have some daylilies I'd be happy to send your way. They may be stressed because of the harsh weather this year, but if you don't mind providing a little TLC, let me know.

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pat_tea(PNW, Van,WA)

I too have been putting my gardens together with pass a long plants and look forward to the day when I can join the forces of the very generous gardeners who share their seedlings, divisions and knowledge with others.

I have a group of gardening friends who live on a road in our community called Confer Road. I have created a bed from their gifted plants that I call "Confer Corner".

Have fun as you continue to grow. . .

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