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kemistry(8 - Oregon)May 6, 2013

mike, you don't have an email set up so I can't respond to your email ;)

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Kemistry8: I was browsing and run into the Fragrant Plants forum, when I saw that you live in Oregon it renewed my hopes that I might have some fragrance in my garden because,like you, I live in the Pacific NW. Do you have any plants in your garden that survive our winters? If I had a choice I would not have one single plant in my garden that did not have fragrance :)
Thanks a lot,
Flor de Maria
P.S.: And sorry, I did not mean to respond to a message that was not intended for me.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Hi flora2, I'm an indoor gardener so my suggestion is limited. However, there are so many hardy fragrant plants that you can try and I'm sure they will survive just fine here in the PNW.

My favorites include:
- winter daphne (daphne odora)
- wintersweet (chimonanthus praecox)
- newer, hardier cultivars of gardenia such as the 'Crown Jewelâ gardenia
- harlequin glorybower (clerodendrum trichotomum)

and maybe michelia figo (perhaps with protection)

And if you can keep plants in containers, well then, your option has no limit ;)

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I suppose I will have to become an indoor gardener as well :) Gardening indoors (with fragrance) would ease the long winter months. Thanks for the suggestions.

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You could also add
winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima)
Prumus mume
viburnum bodnantense dawn
Sarcococca confusa

and Mount Etna broom (Genista aetnensis) it has one of the best fragrances that spreads all around my garden in July/August
there all cold hardy

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Thanks for your suggestions. Many years ago I had a tobacco plant that was so scented that could make you cry with happiness :) After a couple of years it died and I am still missing it.
I have been thinking about this and I think I should Dedicate my time to grow Indoor plants--I cannot imagine fragrance all year-round :)

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

flora, if that's the case you can try growing some fragrant plants in containers. Keep them outside during spring-fall and bring them in when the weather gets cold. And of course, bring them in when they are blooming : )

A super easy and super fragrant plant is brugmansia.

Another super easy and super fragrant and can bloom year round is jasminum sambac. Get the cultivar 'Belle of India'.

A rewarding plant for me is brunfelsia gigantea. Very nice scent at night. The scent just floats in the air around the plant. Love it.

Let us not forget bulbs. Grow the single cultivar of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa) and you will understand why it's my top2 favorite plant. Very fragrant with an awesome coconut/jasmine scent. : )

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Kemistry! You are sooooooooo kind let me tell you and thank you for remembering me@!:-)

been sick and down and out with all the family issues, sickness and work going on but have been getting much better. I miss you all here and have a few pics to share as soon as I get a few moments and energy.

Thanks so much again and I can't wait! to get my chicken

I will be back soon to post again and share with everyone. I saw Roebrt's thread on pics for this month and I can't wait to share.

Have you picked up any Pitunias yet? Oh my God, teh ones I got are sooooooo fragrant!
By the way, you and everyone here should look into Iris's that throw off such sweet and wonderful scents. I have one that smells like grape koolaid! It scents the whole yard up and it's variegated!

Thanks agin and here is my e-mail//
If you need my address I will certainly e-mail it to you too.:-)


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Mike, you've now committed yourself, you've got to post some pics.

I'm especially interested in that 'stinky' iris. - I'm surprised that you have them in bloom - mine are getting ready - the leaves are all there - but I've only seen one with a bud - so far. I know your yard gets more attention than mine though.

I've been very lax about watering this year. And, the lack of April/May rains - has slowed down the process of my last years' flowers rejuvenating. Just one day of rain though - and now my hostas are getting HUGE! and, all the lilies I'd separated and re-planted - well, they're standing much taller and happier. :)

Post us some Pics, Mike. You've been sick long enough - come out and join us and enjoy all that Spring brings with it. :)

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roseyd where are your beautiful flowers for may? i can not believe you have not posted anything yet :(

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O fragant - my garden is still in flux. to early for my irises (almost there). soon to follow those will be the oriental lilies, and then the roses.

The only thing that is currently blooming in my yard are some orange and yellow pansies. :)

As for my indoor plants - my olive tree is continuing to push out new flowers. My orchids are all greenery right now - (but the salvaged Phal from work - is just starting to show the nubs of new stems.)

My one surprise at home is that my orange jasmine is finally turned a lovely orange shade. I noticed that this morning when I took it to the sink to water and neem treat it (strange little white specks on some of the leaves - don't know what they are, plant doesn't seem to be suffering from them - but, I do wonder what the bug is.) doesn't look like scale, mealie... and, don't think it's spider mite... spider mite isn't white... right?

Anyway. If the orange ever turns into an actual flower - I'll take a picture. :)

I have some dwarf lilies planted indoors to start before finding them a spot in the yard. and they're finally poking up out of the soil. Good things are coming - but it's a slow process.

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It is nice to know you are still around after seeing those beautiful photos in "Blooming in April" and nothing in May i was just a little worried
What i think you need is more plants ;) then you can have some fragrant blooms every month of the year :) But i suppose it is still early in May and by the sounds of it you have a few beauties about to burst in to flower just do not forget the pics :)

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