First a Michelia alba and now a gardenia!

Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)May 9, 2013

I can just hear the chorus singing 'One of us! One of us!' Laugh.

So tonight while at Lowe's I spotted what is labeled a Gardenia jasminoides 'Veitchii' loaded with buds for 7 bucks. The only one blooming looked more like Kleim's Hardy (which I hope it is since I've heard they are much more forgiving in a pot).
The one I picked has over 35 buds.

I plan on treating it like an annual and not attempting to winter it over (for such a cheap price why bother?).

I'm tempted not to mess with the roots and just keep it in the black nursery pot and just slip it into a terracotta pot.
All the posts I've seen about gardenias purchased and immediately re-potted have been disastrous. Seems like the leaves always yellow and the buds always fall off.

If it's done this well so far why mess with a good thing is my theory.

Might change my mind but am interested in others experience with just leaving them in the nursery pot when they have buds.


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7$ I'm always impressed at the bargains that you folks find at your home depots.

I paid $13 for mine from a grocery store in Feb. - and it came in a 6.5" pot and already root bound.

and $13 was a bargain... sigh... I think I need to move to where the "BETTER" bargains are. :)

What size pot is it in, Robert? I think you should also wait for the blooms to open and end before you do transplanting... and, if you decide to put it in the ground - you would probably have to cut the flowers off so that the energy could go into preventing transplant shock and getting the plant settled into a new home.

So yes, enjoy the blooms now! :) Lucky devil! :D

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Ha, Rosey!

Yea. We do get some pretty darn cheap plants every now and then. For this price I don't mind if I kill it or if the buds drop. Laugh.

It's in a 2.5 qt pot. Guess I'll just monitor the leaves to see if I need to re-pot or not. Don't plan on planting it in the ground since I want to sniff the blooms up close. :)


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I found it helps to keep a spray bottle near by, and spray the leaves between waterings. But, for mine - it really needs to be replanted so badly, the yellow leaves are more prevalent now than ever.

I've been debating whether to treat her like an annual and put her outside in the ground. How big would she get if she was outside and with her roots free to roam for the summer...

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Hey me too! I now have 3 Albas, 1 Champaca and 2 Gardenia standard. I am scared to kill the gardenias since I have killed a few in the past. Unlike you I didn't find a deal, instead I fell for the tree form. They were $59.99 a piece. I didn't repot or plant in the ground but left them in their original pots. So far so good but it only been a week. So fingers crossed that my Gardenias killing days are over.

Anyway your plant look so healthy! What a steal! I need to go shopping with you.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Ha! I need to go shopping with you, No-Clue!

It would be awesome to walk into a nursery and see M. alba trees for sale! :)

I'm also tempted by the standard gardenias that are currently at Lowe's and even out front of local grocery stores.
I believe they are 'First love' (Aimee) but killing a 40 dollar tree is a lot different than killing a 7 dollar one. ;)


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Ok you come here during Jungle Jack's open house and we'll go on a shopping spree! How fun would that be?!

My landscapers should be done next week so I will shoot photos for you to see. At the moment I am giving up close to half of my plumerias! Simply no room for all of them.

I'm going to look for something small to put on the coffee table under my two covered patios. A fragrant orchid maybe? What do you think?

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Repot after it's done blooming. And dont toss it out at the end of the season. Lol. Here is my 3 yr old frostproof, this year it has the most buds yet. Needs a larger pot though.. but im lazy. :)

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

WOW Thats a nice plant there Kem. Frostproof is one of my favorite gardenia varieities for it's less finicky nature, the attractive narrow leaves, and flowers have a gorgeous shape.

Also, I think your house is turning into a jungle. XD

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Oo musaboru my livingroom has become a jungle a long time ago. Lol. :D

Frostproof sure is one tough gardenia. My plant went through a lot of abuses. : ) I recently added August Beauty and First Love; cannot wait to see them bloom.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey robert

You know those big gardenia that are shaped like a tree, the ones at lowes? the lowes at 71st and highway 169 has some 50% off, ;).

Just thought you might want to know that. LOL.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

No-Clue, a fragrant orchid would be awesome. What's the light exposure?

I would love to go to JJ's open house however it would be hard not to leave without buying tons of trees. Laugh.


That is insane! Wow! You certainly have a green thumb! I'm still tossing mine when it's done blooming (if you saw all the other potted plants I have you'd understand). ;)


Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully I can resist and just stick with my 7 bucks one. I love it when Lowe's discounts their plants. :)


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)


They had some marked for $9...come on you know you want to get one, LOL.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

What! 9 bucks! Surely you caved and bought one, right? :)


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I did. Im sure it will die soon, LOL. A member here started some cuttings for me so if it does I wont be completely without.

Im trying to save some money for the JJ plumeria order at southwood. they should be getting them in the next couple of weeks. I told myself only one this year and it has to be special one or no go.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I think as long as you don't repot until after it blooms you should be fine (that's the route I'm taking!). :)

Yea. I've been hitting Southwood every weekend hoping the plumies are in.
My selection will also have to be awesome before I buy since I'm already starting to get rid of potted plants. Laugh.


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

LOL @ Mike. Way to tempt Robert! Hey but for $9 how can you resist Robert!

My covered patios get a few hours of morning sun and then shady the rest of the day. But if I have to move them to the sun or all shade I can do that too. What do you have in mind Robert? I have two non-fragrant Orchids that are completely neglected... sitting in the garage somewhere. I didn't know orchids have a fragrance!

Kemistry that is one gorgeous Gardenia if I ever saw one. Sheesh... what do you do to get it to look so happy?? Please share... I'm so nervous I will kill the two standards I just bought from Armstrong 3 weeks ago. At $60 a piece I don't want to see them die. Typically I kill them shortly after Mother's day. So I'm getting really nervous just about now!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

hmmm. I already put in a bigger pot with better soil. it was root bound terribly. I was just at southwood yesterday and they had not got in yet. I would think probably next week since they got last years about the same time. For me I think it will have to be one of the new varieties. Im up to about 24 or 25 if all my rooting ones take.


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