Single Gardener Enthusiasts

Nancy - Chicago areaDecember 10, 2000

I was wondering if anyone knows about any Singles Clubs for people who love gardening, horticulture, and nature.

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Anna - MD zone 6/7

That's a great idea! I'd like to know the same.... I live in MD, where are you located? Anyone have ideas on how to start one if they don't exist?

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Lisa(z6 PA)

It sounds great to me too! I am in NJ.

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Monica - 6B

Me too! I'm also in New Jersey.

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Mary B 6a

Me too, I'm in Maryland. Notice how we are all women? Do single men garden?


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Jdferry 8 Texas

Yes, single heterosexual normal guys do garden.

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Kevin 6

You bet men garden , and I've been loving working my Z6 garden for about 11 years now -- .....only real men aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and play in compost!.....just kidding here.

I'm in Southern Illinois. Have any of you heard of any SinglesSites for people who are really into gardening?

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Laurie KY/6

Well, we are far flung. I have NO friends who garden. They think I'm nuts.

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Zarine Z6 Mich

Ditto, Laurie. I don't even have older friends who garden! Everyone is like, why bother? It's too much work! They are the ones that are over weight and don't ever want to do anything either, though.... I am in Michigan. Anyone out there?

Zarine gardening in Motown

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Nano(z8 - OR)

I'd be interested as well - let's get it together....I'm gardening in OR, and loving it! New to the left coast from The snow-ridden east.

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Betty Schimmoeller

To anyone who is interested in a get together for single gardeners, I will host a weekend (come and go, stay if you like) on June 1-3 at my 1840's farmstead in mid northern Indiana. The cost? Bring something to plant and plant it. Bring a favorite dish to share and we're good to go!

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cdenham 4

Great idea! Let's get together!

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blufloyd 5 cent. il.

ready to go have friend in dunes area to drag maybe.

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Greg ny

Any single gardeners in Hudson Valley ? Let me know.

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MRobbins 6b - Brooklyn

Greg, does Metro NYC count?

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Cath 5

Have you no garden clubs in your area? No Master Gardener classes? I have met some of the coolest people of all flavors through these avenues! And they all love gardening! We swap, have breakfast meets, tour each other's gardens, dinners in the rain, you name it! Many are single, but much too busy planning gardens to hang out in bars!

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larry Crawford Zone 6 in Ky

Hey Laurie
We have gardeners in Ky.Also we have a Ky gettogether every year.Have for the last 3 years.Great fun and intresting people.We do the plant swap thing and tour a local garden spot.1st year Cave Hill in Louisville @nd year Bernhiem Forest(in rain)last year Shaker Town.What part of Ky are you from?? You should try to make the Kentucky gathering.We will have more imfo on site later.

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Tally 9b

I have a lot of gardening friends, male and female, single and married and we ARE all nuts! Anyone want to carpool to Bettys from Texas?

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ShadyLady Z5 Boston

Gardening SWF in Boston
Gorgeous thirty-something with dirty (some even broken) nails would love to converse with any and all SGF (single gardening folks). I'm into "swinging" baskets, S&M (snapdragons and mimulus) and mixed containers. Let's play in the dirt...

Like Tally above says -- we're all nuts! Can I come in and represent Boston?


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Laurie KY/6

Larry - thanks for the post about gardeners in Kentucky. I'm in Louisville. I'll watch for the post on a get together.

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quirkpod(7 Lewisville NC)

That's 2 of us near Boston - I will email you. Meanwhile, anyone else out there? I am SWF 45 no kids, not overweight. People say I remind them of Susan Sarandon or Kelly Lebrock. I am a happy person with no real problems. Can there be anybody out there for me who can say the same? I am fairly happy being alone, but would like to widen my circle of friends. Email me, anyone near Boston.

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Anne zone7,

I have often wondered if anybody ever thought of meeting people thru gardening and now I found you all. I live in Georgia and would love for someone to have a garden get together! Any other single Georgians who feel the same? E-Mail me if so, would love to organize!! Oh yea, I forgot to say that I am single and not overweight either! Anne

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SWF, Boston area. Also unable to grow nails due to plant addiction. Currently an indoor, apartment gal who lets her Windowboxes really hang out!

Friends mistake certain habits as a lack of modesty, when actually its supreme confidence that the windows are impossible to see into, because of the teeming overabundance of hanging plant matter!

Would love to meet someone with whom I could have outdoor adventures , of the perrennial kind! Looking to explore my Seedier side, too!

34 year old freelance professional, who has lots of enthusiasm, but a serious lack of available window space. 5'3", long brown hair, with a decent figure, and very strong constitution, just MADE for hauling compost, lifting & planting shrubbery or trees, and amateur fruit-farming.

"Baggage" includes a chip on my shoulder from when an old Ex used the term "jungle" to describe my apartment, and didn't use a joyous tone, tsk tsk. Other baggage includes a large collection of Begonia Babies, including some "bastards" whose lineage is unkown. They are loved, nonetheless. Also, Monster Spathiphyllum, Stubborn African Violets, lots of Philodendrons, and Calatheas.

I am a devoted and faithful human partner, but cannot maintain fidelity to only one plant species. I am readily lured by flambouyant flora, and easily enticed by enchanting epiphytes. I've had multiple flings with Succulents. And I would do it again, too!

OK, OK... I think we need to petition Spike to make a new forum... for singles who garden!

Whattaya say?
-Jane in Boston

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treehouse(z7 MD USA)

SWF young at heart gardener in North MD
Addictions include daylilies, scented plants, specimen shrubs and INTERESTING garden decorations- latest one is twisted treetrunks to use as plant stands.

Want my treehouse ASAP.

Looking for fun loving gardener to chat with and play with in the dirt.

Send e-mail.


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thanks for the idea nancy !
i think i'll try it here in canada

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Thanks for the idea too.
SWF in Phoenix area, Mesa AZ. I would love to meet an available single gardner who is as passionate as I am about life. One of my specialities are roses.
Send an e-mail.

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daveg(z9 CA)

I too am a single gardener. It seems like there are a lot of us all around the country. While it may be difficult to get together, I'd like to make a suggestion. We should all post on the suggestion area asking for a "Single Gardeners" forum

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my name is jon.i live in oxford mississippi.i am a single(heterosexual) white male of thirtyfour with shoulderlength blonde hair(i'm letting it grow out again)blue eyes,@five foot ten,@one forty.i'm one of those people who can eat anything he wants and not gain weight.i'm very high energy,and i'll talk your ears off if you let me.i collect tropicals(mostly aroids)and i'm going for that rainforest look that's so popular these kitchen is smothered in 'em.i love to cook,have a BFA in painting,and i party like a fool.if ya want to chat me up,just e-mail m

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Has anyone heard of a singles organiation called Single Soilmates? I belonged back in the old days when they were still mailing out profiles of subscribers. It should be by e-mail now if they still exist. I keep looking on the Net to see i i can track down a quality singles site that deals in gardening but no luck so far. Daveg's idea seems agood one since so mamy intersting people like to use the Garden Web

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This is a fun thread! I am single and I am very attracted to men who love flowers and gardening! To me it is a sign of vitality, life, and the kind of sensitivity that isn't "head in the clouds poetry, daydreams and promises" but "feet on the ground and beauty from toil and reality"! I'm a VERY hard worker and I like people who aren't afraid of that (all of US!) I'm 5'1"...Italian (I can COOK those tomatoes!) a good job...if anyone in the Jersey area wants to get together even to "talk shop" and share catalogs...let me know! :) Single Jersey gals...I'm straight but we can commiserate! (I posted a photo of 40+ self on my "Wild Thang" thread looking for kindred spirits before I came upon this.)


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Any single gardening men here in Tokyo? I'd love to meet up with you!

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My first date with a wonderful women I met years ago was pulling weeds in her vegetable garden! Her friends couldn't believe it, but we had a great time. Unfortunately, she moved on to green pastures...

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Are there any gardeners in Ontario, love to share gardening interests with you

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frostedcupcakes(z6 CT)

Funny, I live in the GARDEN state and for the life of me I can't find a single chap around my age into gardening!

What's wrong with this picture?! LOL

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dplantlady(6A PA)

Found a Single Soilmates chapter in UT -- 801 392-0115
not too convenient for me, but maybe for someone out there.

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wild_garden(virginia z6b)

this is a good idea, i'm single and garden!

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I am in the landscaping. Just checking to see any single females in here with similar interests. From Erie,Pa. 22/M. Email me to talk.

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jimlang(7/8 S. Carolina)

57 year old retired white hetrosexual male. Live on lake in South Carolina -- gardening and fishing.

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djonesc(zone 5/99022 - spokane area)

just moved here, northern va, and am loving this thread ... i'm single, love gardening, don't act my age, and love fishing, camping, riding bikes, and, most especially, gardening ... oh, did i already say that??? LOL


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Been single for over 4 years and belong to a couple of organizations but never met a single mature (50+) like minded person.
Would enjoy conversing with a single male that is into gardening. This is a great thread for us avid gardening singles----Thanks for posting it!

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GolfClubSuzetteZ6(St. Louis MO)

I, too, am Single, Female(40ish), enjoy gardening and all garden-related subjects. I actually make my living in the horticulture field. This "Single Gardener Enthusiasts" idea is very interesting. Are there really any Single/Male/Hetero/Gardening types anywhere on this planet???!!! Well, if there is.... come on, lets talk soil conditions, perennials, herbicide, propagation, you name it!! Okay Ladies, post a response, what's your experience, do these Male Species Gardening types exist???

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Single here, hetero female, out west. Has anyone followed up on this idea?

I did find a forum here earlier today, Single Living, but now I can't find it again. Aaargh !


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lOOKS AS IF PEOPLE SELDOM VISIT HERE. I am of the Boston area and just happen to be single==either way always interested in getting together and meeting new friends and learning new ways with the garden. Have been busy with the compost forum and will be giving that more of a try now. Jacquelyn

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hementia8(8 MS)

I am a sigle normal active,age 67 male.My interest are gardening,fishing.biking,hiking and nature in general.I own a 2 acre daylily farm and would like to converse with singles of like interest.Has anyone tried to form a club and have regional or national meetings?
Charlie,South Mississippi.

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belladonnaberte(z5 WI)

This sounds like a great idea to me too! I'm in z5 southern Wisconsin, and I do not know of any singles that like to garden be male or female.

Love and Hugs


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ian_bc_north(z3 BC)

This has to be the oldest thread I have run across.
Yes there are single male gardeners.
I live at 54Â 50" North. Not exactly crowded around here.
I am divorced. Was born 1947. Rather set in my ways.
Not really looking and donÂt really expect to meet anybody via this thread.
I am still working, garden in the summer & ski in the winter.

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faerieannette(z7 MD)

I found this thread searching for "Maryland" Im not single but would like to meet gardeners in my area.


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22 year old male in Texas and though its strange Ive gardened since I was 13. Everybody in my family seems to call me a nerd but strangely enough they liked my Tomatoes. LOL.

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Another Michigander here(west mi).Sounds like a great idea! Read somewhere of a plant swap in Kokomo,In, the spring2006 but now cant find it.Single gardeners would be alot of fun,and it appears like we would come from all corners of U.S..........sunset49424

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I'm going to take the suggestion and try the Master Gardener training program. Thanks!!

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It has been a long time since anyone posted to this thread so perhaps this is silly, but if not, I just wanted to say that I'm glad to see there are other single gardeners. Actually some of the master gardeners I know are, but they are all women!
There is a site for green singles so I think there should be one for single gardeners as well!

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ohgeo(Z6 NE OH)

Maybe we need GardenWeb to start a new forum? - GardenMatch or something.

I'm a single male gardener in NE Ohio looing to share my gardens and my love. ;-) Any single ladies interested in visiting a nursery together?


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Love the idea of a fun and friendly site for gardeners - dating and new friends. I'm 66 - a passionate gardener who enjoys being outside every chance I can. Spring is really here in North Carolina. Like many of you, most of my friends don't garden, but it seems most people in this area support local farms and tailgate markets. Fresh food is best.

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Ohb, I am glad you restarted this thread.[I can't come to Ohio because I have my own farm!] I am not far from NC (about 120 miles northeast of Asheville). I am a single gardener or farmer really, in my mid 60s. I plan on gardening the rest of my life and am hoping to find another single gardener to share this place. I don't need somebody with money. I do need somebody that I can feel secure around -- meaning they are not into drugs and liquor. I used to commute to NYC to work years ago, and I also lived in cities awhile -- I was always trying to find places to plant things. I even dug up the sidewalk curbs. Finally I got a place. For awhile, I had relatives to trade flowers with etc., but they're all dead and gone. Now, having a gardening friend would be the greatest thing.

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A Singles forum on this site is a great idea! I can't believe there hasn't been one established.

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I'm 51 YO Female divorced (many years ago) and newly (6 months) single after dating the same man for almost 3 years. I'm 5'4" not obese but not ideal weight either, and live in the TriCities area of TN. Not bad looking I'm told. :-) I love organic vegetable gardening including great interest in composting/Interbay mulch. Pretty quiet, not a party girl or bar fly. I like bluegrass and antigues and flea markets and the Colbert Report. I'm from Alabama (Tuscaloosa) originally and love Bama football (but few other sports but will go to baseball games for fun!). Have been known to enjoy catfishing and bass fishing on occassion but would never go on my own. Love fine crafts also especially pottery. Appreciative of old skills of homesteading but can't see myself totally off the grid.. I'm looking for a 40's-50's something single/D male, a real guy type (but not sexist and fully appreciative of women in all their talents) intelligent (regardless of education) and interested in the world. If polictics differ must be able to disagree without being disagreeable, enjoys some of the same things, thoughtful and courteous. How's that?

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That was awesome Sparky1961, I'm sure we would make a great friendship if you were closer!! I'm married and female but I didn't want that great post to just linger in the abyss.

(oh how I miss catfishing!)

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