Daphne Odora sick

suetj35May 19, 2008

I've got a Daphne Odora that has been growing lustily in its raised bed in Seattle for 10 years. It started as a one-gallon pot, and is now about 6'x8' and 3' high. in the past week I've noticed severe browning of leaves, mostly older leaves, but now new growth is starting to get it. The center of the leaf first develops a circular yellowish spot, which then turns brown and spreads until the entire leaf, except the margins has become a dull brown. The brown leaves are scattered all over the plant, and it's getting worse. Any suggestions on saving this venerable and loved plant will be appreciated!

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I suspect either fungus or virus at the roots, which Daphnes are susceptible. You could try a systemic fungicide like Rootshield, and go easy on the watering.

Darrell Trout has an article about growing Daphnes online, do a search for it and you'll get more details; don't give up hope yet!

Good luck,


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My Daphne has been going great guns and all of a sudden the leaves are curling and dying (some not all) help!

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Hmm, I'm not a Daphne doctor (though I play one on TV), but give us more details, please!

In a pot or the ground? Sun? Watering? Change of temps?
I've only grown D. odora for two years, but so far the trick seems to be good drainage, neither over or underwatering, and avoiding too much sun.


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

My twelve year old Daphne odora always sheds a bunch of leaves in a nasty looking yellow way right after it blooms.

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