Mushroom Compost

dclegg_gwApril 25, 2011

I live in The Villages (30 Miles South of Ocala). Where would I find mushroom compost? My garden really needs help. Thanks

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My local Lowes sells it so yours probably does too.

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Check around your area for the places that sell mulch in bulk. They usually have mushroom compost too.

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joycrick(zone9 FLA)

Monterey Mushroom in Apopka offers bulk mushroom compost for sale at bargain prices. You can now only purchase it on Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. The price is still $5 for a pickup truck or trailer load. The gal also recommended calling first to make sure they have some.

Monterey Mushrooms Inc. security gate # is 407-905-4000 ext. 4022

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Why mushroom compost in your garden is a bad idea. Local compost is made from straw, cotton seed hulls, poultry and gypsum. The addition of lime, urea and heat accelerates the composting process.

Mushroom compost nutrient levels are not high enough to grow a good crop of plants (N=0.7% , P= 0.3% , K= 0.3% ). By comparison most manure in bags have N=1%, P=1%, K=1% (which is 3 times more nutrients than mushroom compost).

Mushroom compost has high PH value which is not a good amendment for North Florida soils.

Furthermore, to control insects (on the manure), the following chemicals are alternatively sprayed: methoprene, Dimlin, cyromazine, diflubenzuron and Diazanon.

To minimize mushroom crop infections benomyl, thiabendazole and chlorothalonil are applied.

Notwithstanding the poor nutrient levels, do you really want toxic chemicals in your garden?

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what kind of compose would you recommend for a new starting vegetable garden in Deltona Fl.
My neighbour used mushroom compose and they were pleased with the results.
Would you recommend using same?

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new2gardenfl(Z9 CentralFL)

I've used mushroom compost from Monterey Mushroom farms many, many times. The only reason I no longer get it is because I no longer have a truck. That said, compost is not fertilzer, it is a soil conditioner. You will still need to fertilze. It is best to get a soil sample done after adding the compost to see if you need to further ammend it.

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