Hello All You Regulars And New Folks Too

vroomp(z7Ga)February 6, 2009

Sorry I haven't been around lately but, scrambling for work has kept me extremely busy this winter and I have been spending all my free time developing some new products for our concrete countertop line. We should be hitting the market with afforable concrete and recycled glass tops by May.

I see there are quite a few new additions to the forum. Welcome to you all!

Is anyone interested in a trade this spring? I see one thread for one in Dawsonville but, that's bit far for most I am sure.

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

Hey! I just came back around as well - you're not the only one that took a hiatus, I just hit the forums again last week, week before last?

Very cool on the concrete/glass countertops - wish I'd have known, we just pulled the trigger on kitchen remodel last week, paidn in full :(

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jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA)

Been on a hiatus myself. Work has been very busy. I was blessed with a promotion, but the company has basically froze its hiring so my old position never got backfilled. In other words, my promotion really meant an increase in workload - I've been doing two jobs for 4 months now.

I don't think I'd have much to offer in terms of trade, and I'm not sure what has actually survived the winter - Complete neglect on my part this year! But I would love to attend. In fact, I'll even offer up my home for hosting (should probably check with DH first, huh?). :-)

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I saw a picture of recycled glass countertops - you could still see the bits of brown and green glass. Very nice.

Welcome back to all of you that have been away.

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Hi all! I'm a lurker - sometimes poster. I'd dying to attend a swap. Would love to come if you have one. I'm wintersowing tons and hopefully would have something available for trade. This would be my first in person swap. Nikki

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I just haven't had anything to swap! I was planning on doing my roses and never got to it. So busy this past year and I'm trying to GET RID of a job and it seems to follow me....

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I don't really have anything to swap either right now. The landscaping is too new for me to have anything anyone would want. (Although there are some old roses I simply can't stand that I'd like to get rid of if anybody wanted them...which I doubt. I don't even know what they are. My mom always called them "floribunda" roses, which doesn't help...LOTS of roses fall into that category.) I would love to attend one sometime when I do have some things. I've never been to a plant swap.

I have been off for several days...is that horrible stomach virus going around where y'all live? I can't REMEMBER having been that sick in years. Hubby had it, then me. We were both sick, each, for a solid week.

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I read the posts on the forum every morning but rarely post. Thanks for all the wonderful information. I would love to go to a plant swap but have never been to one. Will be watching for more details. Thanks. Janen

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Vroomp, affordable recycled glass countertops would be wonderful, seems like a real niche that needs filling to me. We looked briefly at IceStone and the other one but it was way too $$. We went with a granite which was a lot cheaper, but I do love the look of recycled glass.

We did our kitchen last year and I was addicted to the Kitchens forum on GW, which is very helpful and fun! Good luck with yours SH.

I've never been to a plant swap either. I am wintersowing a few perennials, so if they work I would have some things to trade.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

MK87, my Mom got the horrible virus over Christmas here. She had just caught a cold and her immune system was weak - were were on MARTA when symptoms started in a violent fury - poor lady! I felt awful for her and we had go get her home and in bed in a quick emergency.
Hope you are feeling some better.

I would have food plants to trade. Tomatoes & other food plants.

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GGG -- How awful! And, it's worse on older folks. My mom got it too (she's 81), but luckily, she only had it briefly. It hit me quickly too. One minute I felt just fine...five minutes later, I was in REAL trouble. Blech. We are all much better now, though, thanks!

What kind of tomatoes do you have? I want to start my new veggie garden this year...I'd like to do a four-square, raised boxes thing, if I can get hubby to make with the lumber and construction...and I always love tomatoes, but bored with the selections at the garden centers. I like grape varieties, and I'll do a Better Boy or two because...heck...they taste good. But, I'd love to try heirlooms.

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Kathy Bochonko

I too have been gone forever it seems. My yard is an overgrown mess as I have not been there enough either. My husband has made me swear off planting one more thing until I tame the beast I have let get so overgrown. I do however have a ton I need to dig up and get rid of, so perhaps I may show up just to give stuff away and visit if it is not too far. We could do it here, but I am not that centrally located (exit 13 off of 400) If no one else steps up I would consider, but it would not be anything exciting visually since my yard is out of control right now.

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kathy, good to see you around again. You know, ever since we lost sugarhill, I get worried when people just don't show up!

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jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA)

Seems like a lot of us had gone missing, and a lot of us have neglected our gardens. :-( Life just gets so busy.

Sounds to me like even more reason to do a trade...we can inspire each other to get back out there and retake our serenity.

Checked with DH, and he's fine with my idea of hosting. I am off exit 10 on 400. Let me know.

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Another one who's gone missing! I ended up having to have heart surgery in November, so I dropped off the radar. It seems to have been a success and I'm feeling really well, so spring is probably going to be wild for us!

We just got access to a nice piece of property, so our veggie garden this year is going to be big.

A swap would be fun. Don't have a lot to share this year, but I'm up for it, too. :)

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I'll try to make it to this one. I don't know what I'll have to bring yet but I'll be working on it.

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pam_3(GA 7b)

I'm always up for a trade. I check in regularly to GW, just haven't posted much. Kinda busy with 2 little ones under 3.

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garischa(7 GA)

I have taken a leave of absence too (I had a baby in Sept 2007). What's more important: changing a diaper or yard work :)

I don't know if I was ever a regular, but I went to several plant trades down at girlgroupgirl's house.

I did some wintersowing a few years ago and have a good number of heucheras, helleborus, penstemons, hostas, etc. Most of them are generic, no expensive named varieties here, but still good plants.

I am definitely interested in a plant trade this year. I'll be watching out for more details.

Thanks Vroomp for starting this thread.

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