honda03v6April 19, 2010

Just wondering if anyone has had anyluck planting Forsythia down south or in a 9/10 zone? I have been doing some reading and it appears you can shape these and have them as hedges. My only fear is that when it gets cold here in the winter months will it just turn to sticks? I know the yellow flowers dont last long but I dont want to have a border of sticks in the cold. I dont mind just leaves. Is this worth planting?


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Forsythia is best in Zones 4 & 5, but there is a variety that will handle Zone 8 (north Florida)

Information on Floridata -

Other comments found from the U of Connecticut:

-really only single season plant. It disappears into the landscape anytime it isn't in bloom
- flower buds only cold hardy to -10 to -15o F while plant is hardy to -20 to -25 degrees F.
- often only blooms below the snow line in zones 4 and 5
- a rampant grower that can be difficult to keep looking neat in the landscape
- needs occasional rejuvenation pruning

'Spring Glory' -This form is marketed as a better choice for warmer zones (USDA zones 7-8), but it nonetheless is widely popular. The plant grows strongly to 10' tall and the abundant blooms are deep yellow.

The ones growing in Ohio do not do well as a trimmed hedge. They look best when allowed to grow freely and large. As you can see from the Floridata link, south Florida cold would not kill them off. I haven't tried it here. I just don't think they would bloom, much less thrive, this far south.

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sharbear50(6a Bella Vista)

I LOVE forsythia!!! It was also one of my Mother's favorites. I had it when I lived in Virginia...I wish it would grow in zone 10.

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

I wish it would grow in Zone 9, too, but needs a cold winter to bring out the best in the spring. If anyone ever finds a variety that would do well in our heat & humidity, I hope they let us know.

Marcia (peonies, lilacs, forsythia, and really beautiful hydrangeas...I SO wish we could grow them here)

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I'm growing F. Gold Tide and F. Lynwood Gold. Both were bought early in 2009 and planted out in summer 2009. Both flowered early this spring. Since this was a colder than normal year it's hard to tell how they will do over the long run but they still look good and are growing well. I have seen both listed as flowering in Zone 9, which is where I live - Dunnellon, FL. I have some other plants doing well so far that are more temperate types. Forsythias are non-descript with just foliage the rest of the year but mixed into the landscape, they're spectacular but short bloom is well worth having, and other plants take over during other seasons. Having a succession of blooming plants is the key. They do lose their leaves and go dormant here.

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

Good to know, Richard. I suspect you are at the very southernmost tip of their growing area, and it will be interesting to see how they fare longterm. I agree, they would be worth it mixed with other plants that could take over after their short bloom period. Photos! We need photos, so we can drool with envy.


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We've had our Forsythia in Savannah, GA for over 15 years. Yes, it does look like sticks during the winter months. This one looks pretty bad because for years it had been overtaken with English Ivy, Greenbriars and Virginia Creeper. This year, I pulled up all of the ivy and cut the Forsythia back once the blooms were gone. Hopefully, next year it will be much fuller and more compact.

I believe we average about 28 days a year when the temps dip below freezing. Anyway, each year I know that spring is around the corner when I see all of those yellow blooms.

I don't know the name of our Forsythia. It's a beautiful plant and may be worth a try in your area.


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Following are two pictures of the young Forsythias that bloomed early this spring. The photos are of F. Lynwood Gold and F. Gold Tide. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the whole plant of Gold Tide but it bloomed pretty well. We'll see how they do next year.

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I live in Orlando, Fl. zone 9a and I bought some forsythia lynwood gold rooted cuttings in spring 2010 and propagate them and sold hundreds of rooted cuttings to zone 4-9. My forsythia is the only one in my yard that is so green at this present time of the year and very easy to care . I noticed that the colder the climate the new shoots comes out. I do not know if I will get flowers by springs which is around the corner because they are not dormant . I love the flowers and planning to make an hedges, but if I do not have a flowers then it is okay because rooted cuttings are in demand.

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Personally I like the Korean Kumson Forsythia Bush because of it's unusual leaves.

I'm not sure if it would grow here.

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