Where can I buy pelagorniums?

AdamM321(MA z5/6)January 3, 2005


I am trying to find a mail order source for pelagorniums. Both the scented and the zonal. I looked at gardenwatchdog already and wasn't satisfied with what I found. A number of what look like really nice companies sell them in the UK, but I don't think they will sell to the USA. The same with Canada. Anyone know where to get quality plants?



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kathy_ann(zone 7)

Adam, I got tired of searching the web for them, and went through gardenweb and emailed folks who had them on their list and am currently working on several trades for some. I just posted on the other post someone else was asking about them, have you checked out hobbs nursery? their not listed on gw but their nothing but geraniums, all kinds. and there's a guy selling them on ebay too.

What kind do you have right now, maybe we can work out a trade.


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Try Shady Hill Gardens

Here is a link that might be useful: Shady Hill

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AdamM321(MA z5/6)

Thanks Kathy and Kevin. Kathy, I found HobbsFarm.com which sells pelargoniums. They look like a reasonable choice thanks.

Kevin, Shady Hills look like they offer some nice plants, and if they were on the Martha Stewart show, then they must be good, but they only offer their plants in collections of 6 plants of their choosing for $45.

So I had to eliminate them as a source for me.

Thanks a lot.

I also found a place called Geraniaceae.com that also offers scented geraniums and pansy faced geraniums that look interesting. I may order some from both. They are about the same price.


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kathy_ann(zone 7)

hum, I thought shadyhill offered l0 for 45.00 which isn't a bad price . But I'd rather choose my own l0 LOL


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kathy_ann(zone 7)

I just checked out Geraniaceae.com, and boy i'm impressed with the variety, Gots to get some from them, not sure which place i'll order from them or hobbs, Be sure to let us know if you order from both places and which one best served you with the nicest plants ok. Iknow hobbs has some decent plants.
i've ordered from them before


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melrt968(u.k. scotland)

Try Deerwood nurseries (Faye Brawner) or Alannahs Nurseries, one or both may be able to help.

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claudia_1078(z4 mn)

Try Killdeer Farms. They are specialised in Geraniums. Just got the new catalog. Scented 2.50, Martha Washington 3.00 a plant.

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claudia_1078(z4 mn)

Killdeer Farms. Please check the garden watchdog. Has lots of negative comments. Sorry I mentioned their name. But their catalog is very specialized. (Thanks Adam!)

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EveOtter(Seattle WA)

Killdeer Farms are ripoffs and crooks. Do NOT give them any money; they will take it and not give you anything back, and will ignore your attempts at contact. A fancy catalogue is not much good if it is a cheat and a scam.

Here is a link that might be useful: See The Complaints! (yes, one is mine)

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I am new to this forum and new to this addiction. I have been searching for some online sources for pelagorniums.

These are what I found:

http://geraniaceae.com/ (as mentioned already)



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try wheelerfarmgardens.com

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bsg1(z7 NY)

Try Nothyme.com I got all of my scented geraniums from them - great personal service - wonderful plants and a guarantee on their plants that you don't often see from mail order. I can't recommend them highly enough.


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oakleif(z6 AR)

Am going to try to push this to first page as i was looking for a place to order some geraniums and now is the time to start dreaming abt. SPRING plants.
wondered if anyone else was.
Thanks for info guys.

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Why bother with mail houses when they are so plentifully available in garden centres everywhere.
Even supermarkets are getting in on the act.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Jeannie...there are certain varieties that aren't showing up in garden centers and supermarkets. Some of the regal geraniums especially are very uncommon around here and those are the ones I am most interested in right now.


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I long to have several varieties I used to have 30 years ago that I first learned about in Helen Van Pelt Wilson's book on geraniums: they were Mme Thibaut -- a serrated petaled pink with a darker eye and Phlox New Life. Then there is also Mrs. J.J. Knight, a speckled variety, which appears to have been replaced in the trade by seen grown strains.

These are listed in Holt Geraniums and (I think) Killdeer Farms but in fact are not really available. Holt lists many more than it sells online and seems to be barely in business because of the precarious health of its owner. Killdeer appears to be a dangerous mirage -- judging from the ratings.

I do hope Holt will get back in business. It would be a shame if these and many other exquisite rarities disappeared from circulation forever.

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I know that Shady Hill has many more varieties than are listed on their website because they sell them at their greenhouse in the spring. Email them and see what they might be able to do for you.

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pelargoniumbarbie(z19LA, Calif)

I grow mostly pellie species but my first love were the scenteds. I know Geraniaceae.com is probably the best around . I know thw owner, Robin Parer, & just rcecived a shipment from her. The plants are well priced, shipped in top quality shape in 2 days. She's a real professional & one of the top experts in the pellie world. I have also purchased other types of pellies from www.davidsongreenhouse.com in Crawfordsville, Indiana. They can send you one of there catalogs. Deerwood Nursery run by Faye Brawner is located in Ohio now. She recently relocated there & I don't know if she's up & running yet. She's president of the IGS so you can contact her thru IGS. Hope this helps.

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ssfkat3(7/8 virginia)

wow, came in here to see if this question was asked, and here it is, lots of sources! awesome. has anyone tried this place?

that was the only one I had found online, I'll check out the others posted though. has a large selection, just hesitate to order blindly.

around my area, they only carry a couple scents, everyone seems to carry the same five scents. this site linked has a LOT of variety...



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I just baught some pelagorniums "rogers delight" from Logee's. They are highly ranked on the garden watchdog. They have many variety of these. From scented to verigated to colorful ones. The variety I baught is the closest thing to martha washington available today.

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Sometimes joining pelargonium society gives you access to varieties that are not widely available. Many members will have some very old varieties, which can be quite beautifull, unusual colours of flowers and leaves. Having worked in garden centers, the geraniums sold there are mostly for people who want quick colour and practically no care. If anyone has opportunity to attend a pelargonium show and sale would be quite surprised by what they see.

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I work at a greenhouse where pelargoniums are one of my bosses favorite plants. We have, at last count, 75 different 'flavors' of scented geraniums. We also have about the same amount of fancy leafed and specialty geraniums, dwarfs, stellars, rosebuds, cactus flowering etc. The only bad thing is so far we have not been able to get a mail order business going yet. Although, I'm sure if anyone was interested, it wouldn't be a problem to work out shipping. We have tried a couple of times to get a website going, but so far it hasn't happened. If any of you are interested, I could try to get a list of what we carry, and post it. I know that it is frowned upon to advertise in the forums, so I haven't posted about it in the past. Maybe if enough of you would be interested it would be an incentive to get that website up and moving! I didn't have a chance to check out the other links, so I don't know how we compare to some of the other nurseries in selection. I know that I do most of the propagation, and it sure seems like we have a big selection to me! :)

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I live in Toronto but I am originally from Bogota, Colombia. My family has a nursery and they are interested in expanding the collection of Pellargonium domesticum. Is there any place where I can buy seeds for it?. If not, any suggestions to buy clippings in Canada?

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Yeah, check out the Garden Watchdog rating of Holt Geraniums as well. BAAAAAAAAAAD.

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spike_fl(9B E. Central Florida)

www.papagenos.com has dozens and dozens of varieties of scented geraniums. The plants are small, but healthy and well packed for shipping. I got 20 plants from him back in the '90's. When I decided last week to plant some where I live now I ordered from him again. I just put 37 different scented geraniums in my back yard. Again, they're small, but doing well. I know, from prior experience, most of them will get quite big and some can even get woody here in Florida. I think my favorite is Fair Ellen.

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Mayflyon(z5/6 MI)

Hi spike fl, I've purchased from Papa Geno for a few years. The plants are always nice. My fave is Fair Ellen also.
I have a Florida question. Can you leave your scenteds in the ground all year and can they take full sun?
OK that's too questions! :)
thanks Debbie in MI

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Any NEW information regarding sources for rare/unusual zonals? I, too, would like to find Mrs. J.J. Knight and others.

Killdeer has them, but what a horror that company appears to be. Kevin

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