geranium from seed ???

sewnmom7January 23, 2006

hi, i just saw seeds of geraniums. has anyone tried these?are they the real thing? any help is so appreciated.thanks ahead,molly

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im new to growing geraniums from seed, but it has worked quite well. All i did was get the seed from the pods, soak them in a wet paper towel for 24-48 hours, then plant them in sandy soil. After about a week, most of the seeds germinated in the greenhouse, and are doing fine. That's all i know so far. ;-)

Soak them, plant them, keep the humidity up, and bingo - geraniums.

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ironside(Zone 5 Ohio)

This is my second year growing geraniums from seed. I planted them in January, and they are up and getting their first set of true leaves. I water from the bottom, using warm water. Air circulation is very important in having healthy plants. I start them on a heat mat, and once they germinate, they go under a grow light. Air cirulation and watering from the bottrom is very important. Good luck!

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I am actually sort of wintersowing geraniums this year. I got the entire Orbit series from Park Seed Company - I started them in their bio-dome inside and as soon as they germinated I put them outside - moving them into an unheated detached garage when temps went below freezing. The last two weeks they have been outside all the time with just a cover when temps go below freezing. I still have every seedling (80 of them) and now they have 3 and 4 sets of leaves and look so healthy. I did move them up to 12oz stryofoam cups when they got their first true leaves....


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I grew about 50 geraniums (only zonals) from seed 2 years ago. Very successful at the start, and then they began to develop small leaves and a bulbous stem. My advise to you is to remember to feed them, feed them and feed them again. They are very voracious eaters. Just about any food will do. I spoke to a fellow at the flower show here last year who was selling his HUGE geranium plants and he said he feeds them 20 20 20 on a regular basis but just about any other food will do also. He had a zonal that was, I kid you not, as big as a living room arm chair! So needless to say, I came home and started feeding my, feeble by this time, plants with 20 20 20 and lo and behold, they are very healthy and very big. The leaf color is excellent as is the flower count. Good luck.

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thanks ya'll,your gettin my courage up,i may try 'em.misskitty,whats zonal? lynnencfan,what are orbit from parks.molly

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Molly, zonal refers to a species of pelagonium (correct nomenclature for these 'geraniums') which are usually bush types and they sport large and numerous flower heads and often have a beautiful (I think) dark ring in the middle of the leaves. They are very easy and willing to grow and as previously stated in my last post, they can get very big if properly fed, just like the rest of us! Do not overwater them, especially when they are very young, and I dont know if you need to bring them inside for winter where you are, but if so, the best way is to cut them way way back and take the cuttings and make more plants and to force the mother plant into a much smaller pot. Wash her roots prior to doing this. For some reason, mature plants really enjoy this. If you dont feel like it, however, she will do fine in the pot shes already in. Overwinter her and the babies, and start all over again the following spring. good luck

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They are just the regular geraniums that you can buy at the garden centers - Orbit may just be a Parks Seed Company name for Zonal - I am not sure - the picture shows all the colors that I started from seed.....


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Molly, in the photo that Lynne posted you can see the zonal markings on the leaves. Orbit Series geraniums are just a particular variety hybrid. I dont know if they are trademarked by Parks, but they are very pretty and reliable. Lynne's photo shows all the available colours, I think.

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busylizzy(z5 PA)

I have grown annual geraniums from seed for numerous years. Didn't have the chance to order seeds in time to start here in Pa so I picked up 2 packets of the Burpee Paint Box Mix, (similar to the Orbit shown). The get the most germination rate take the seeds and place between 2 layers of sandpaper, lightly scratch the hard seed coat. This year I tested the window peat pellet, dome covered trays from Lowes, I didn't have my propagation bed running at that early time, so placed them in a West facing window. Germination occured 4-5 days after be planted in the peat pellets,90% success rate. After first true leaves,(3 weeks) I repotted into 2 inch pots. Placed in a West facing indoor hothouse. Now they have 3 sets of true leaves at 6 weeks from sowing. Testing the Miracle Grow with time release fertilizer potting soil and they seem to like it, but will start bottom watering with a balance fertilizer this weekend. Go for it! You might get addicted like me! This year I will have 30 geraniums started from seed, to buy that amount already grown would have cost me over 100.00. Well worth the 4.00 for seed and 4-5 dollars for peat pellets I'd say.

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I also started zonals 'paint box mix' from seed in February. Nearly all seed germinated in just a few days. Ist year I tried seed and they are about three inches high with second set of leaves. Grew them in dome flats w/peat pellets too in a southern window. Just moved them into the greenhouse and getting ready to repot in bigger cups. I didn't know they were so easy to start or I would've done it years ago. When I think of how much money I've spent on zonals through the years...

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inthegarden_k(z7 NC)

treefarmer, one year, in fall, i looked at the pelargoniums that i had bought that spring and remembered my grandmother who had plants that were 25 years old. she did the upside down, put them in the paper bag thing each fall. i had good intentions of at least attempting to not spend yet another $15 the next spring, so i brought the potted plants into my garage, near a window...and then i forgot about them. i found them next spring. they surely looked dead. i pulled them out after the frost, watered them, cut off dead leaves, and lo! new growth started. now i also take cuttings off those same plants, but every spring i go buy a plant or two with what used to be pelargonium money. i get a little thrill every spring when i don't buy new pelargoniums...of course i do like new ones, but i trade cuttings to get them.

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