Murraya paniculata smells similar to Hoya lacunosa?

Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)June 3, 2011

Maybe my nose is playing tricks on me but last night my Murraya finally bloomed again (it bloomed over winter) and this time the scent was more floral and not citrusy and reminded me of the scent from Hoya lacunosa. Not a completely unpleasant scent but still nothing I swoon over.

I'm still looking for a reblooming plant that produces lovely citrus scents. I'll probably break down and order a Hoya odorata (cembra) since I've read they have a citrus scent. Like I need another pot to water! :P


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Dear Robert,

I think I understand what you mean.
Murraya panniculata, often called Orange Jasmine, has white waxy blossoms that smell like orange blossom, not fruit. This surprises many people who have not ever smelled a grove of oranges in blossom. The flowers there do not smell like orange, but I like them. They do not smell like Jasmine either. Both true Orange blossom and Murraya smell to me most like Night Blooming Jasmine (Cestrum Nocturnum) but without the complexity and and yeast fragrance of this. To my nose, of the two surprisingly, orange blossom smells more like true Jasmine (Jasminium Sambac) than Murraya Panniculata the so called Orange Jasmine. In both Orange Blossom, and Orange Jasmine there is a lighter simple smell, not the heavy scent one associates with true Jasmines.

Are you more confused now Robert?
Sufice it to say, your reaction is a common one.

Do not dispare though, if you like flowers that smell like citrus (fruit) their are many to chose from. Let's keep things simple though. First in consideration is the common Four O'clock (Mirabilis Jalapa), which smells sweet and lemony. Fill your garden with these, and your summer nights will be fragrant and full of romance. Next plant a Sweet Bay Magnolia (Magnolia Virginia) today. They bloom in June, and of all the magnolia, these are the most lemon scented, and most amenable to garden culture. Finally, purchase some pots of both lemon and orange scented leaved geraniums for convenient pinching and sniffing. You will find them most rewarding. If you need more suggestions, why not start a thread entitled "Plants with citrusy fragrance" - I would be most happy to contribute. Enjoy!


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Matt!

Yes. I should have been more clear in my post. I am referring to orange blossom scent however a flower that smells of a citrus fruit sounds awesome as well! This time around my murraya does not smell like an orange blossom to my nose. Just sort of 'floral'. I'm keeping notes on my fragrant plants this year trying to determine which are keepers and which are not.

I've never found four o'clocks to be that scented however one day I want to grow Mirabilis longiflora which is supposed to be highly scented (I tried growing them from seed last year but none sprouted) and it's funny that you brought up scented geraniums. I've got a large pot with 3 varieties in it just so I can walk by and rub the leaves.
It's important to remember that scents can also come from the leaves and not just the flowers. :)


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