something is killing my sunshin mimosa

judderwockyApril 28, 2012

something is killing the sunshine mimosa i have had in the ground since last year. i have had problems with this part of the yard every year for as long as i can remember. nothing will grow there. not the mimosa and a few of the weeds seem to be showing patterns of a weird fungus.... and i thought that was never supposed to happen. any help would be appreciated...

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its not very clear in the picture, but both the weeds and the sunshine mimosa in that area have tons of little black dots forming all over them. it reminds me of black spot in roses.

it looks like its affecting the lawn in circles, maybe about 3ft in radius, where all the plants are turning yellow with black spots. the un affected foliage is a dark green. just two days ago these areas were solid green with new growth.

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If my memory serves me correctly I believe that spot was where a space ship (UFO) landed and the crew got out and relieved themselves. Since they are on a strict diet of 'weird fungus' as they travel the Galaxy, the fungus could have taken root in that very spot rendering it useless for growing most plants except for a few weeds that are known to grow in any soil condition.

I could be wrong.... but I don't think so, I saw the documentary on the Discovery Channel.....


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Since nobody has answered to your question I suggest you take an affected tree frond to your local county agricultural agent and talk with him about it. It is very hard for us to determine what type of fungus that could be causing the problem. He would most likely be able to recommend something to eradicate it from your yard.


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