Tree Stump Removal in Athens

spigiFebruary 10, 2009

I've decided that this spring I'm going to plant a few fruit trees in my yard. I haven't quite decided what yet, but probably a couple of apple trees and a couple of plum trees. Recommendations are welcome.

However, before I can do this I need to remove a few "wild" trees. Any ideas about how best to go about this? I had thought about hiring a backhoe and digging them out myself. I'm sure there are companies around that would do it for me but I'm not sure who to call and what is a reasonable price. Again, any recommendations would be welcome.



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Stumps under 8 inch caliper may be dug out using a small trackhoe. These usually rent for about $150 a day. Make sure you face the stump with the spade facing it and lower the spade blade to support the machine as you apply digging force. It is easy to topple one of these smaller machines when prying sideways or at an angle to the spade. Start about two feet from the trunk and excavate a small trench around stubborn stumps, like Sweetgums, before attempting a lift. By lowering the bucket until it is supported by the ground "rolling" the bucket applies the greatest pressure to pry the stump upwards and reduces the potential for toppling the machine over. A slightly larger trackhoe will run $200-$250 and will have a greater lifting power. Make sure you have no utilities in the area before you start any digging!

In Georgia the dig request line phone number is 1-800-282-7411 for free utilities location and marking. This usually takes a couple of days to get done after the request is made.

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