Need help with seedlings.

fly2cast(Zone 4 ND)January 25, 2007

I planted some geranium seed about 5 days ago. According to what I have read, it takes 10-20 days until germination. I had them on top of the fridge and didn't check them until today only to find out that they were already up and about 1.5 inches long. They haven't gotten any light so they are long and thin. Is there anything I should do or will they be okay since they haven't been up too long?

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busylizzy(z5 PA)

Do you have lights to put them under now? Transplant and get the lights as close as possible. My lights on the geraniums are about 1 inch from them.

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fly2cast(Zone 4 ND)

Yes, I put them under a light as soon as I saw them come up. It's been about a week now and they have colored up and started getting their true leaves. Should I still try to transplant them and bury them deeper so that they aren't so long or will the stem get some strength if I leave them alone?

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busylizzy(z5 PA)

Yes, you can go ahead and transplant them a bit deeper I do that sometimes when I forget about the seeldings too, with no problems. I use a weak strength of fish emulsion to water them with after that. Sowed seed 1/27/07 and have 3 true leaves so far.

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fly2cast(Zone 4 ND)

OK, thanks for your help. I did transplant them to a different container last night. So far I have about 18 ivy leaf geraniums comming up. Six of them didn't germinate for some reason.

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like fly2cast, I too have some geraniums started. I'm a newbie and wonder what are the true leaves. Are the first two that appear not true ones? Should they be removed? Mine now have two new leaves which are more wavy,(not as smooth around the edge as the first two that appeared) like a geranium leaf. They are about 3" high and are looking quite good.

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Hi Dahlitsa
Hi the first two leaves are the cotyledans, they are not true leaves. The next set of leaves are the true leaves. They should have a serrated type edge.

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