Osmanthus Leaves Curling

piperhansonJune 21, 2013


I'vw had an 5G Osmanthus for a couple months still in it's original nursery pot that i've put on a dripper. In the last month, it's really started to shoot some new growth, but also some of it's leaves one one side are starting to curl. Can anyone help me with what's going on? Overwatering?!

Thank you!

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My first inclination is bugs. Spray it down with a little tiny bit of dish soap and water in a spray bottle, especially under the leaves. See if it looks better.
Look for bugs really good too.
My second inclination, which is probably true is it is root bound.
Do you think it is really drying out quickly? Is the pot real
light to pick up almost every day or every other day?
It might have outgrown it's pot, in which case you will have to bump it up to a bigger pot.
Keep an eye out for it outgrowing the pot, they grow pretty
fast when they are young.
But, looking at those leaves, something has been attacking it.

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ermazi(z6, NJ.)

This is kind of root demage, generally caused by too much water in the soil and/or too much fertilizer.

It likes low PH soil, so keeping low PH is also important for this plant.

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Where u live? Maybe coz the temperature change Suddenly or over fertilized.

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