Cestrum nocturnum tips from Logee's

Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)June 22, 2011

Just got these tips in an email from Logee's on how to get your Cestrum nocturnum (night blooming jasmine) to bloom. I thought some people would find them helpful:

Growing Tips for Cestrum Nocturnum "The Night Blooming Jasmine"

*Full to partial sunlight is needed. The more sunlight the better.

*Once the growth has hardened and the leaves are mature, flowers form along the leaf nodes on the stems.

*To increase flowering, new growth needs to reach maturity as quickly as possible.

*Grow under high light and do not over fertilize.

*Grow on the dry side; this will hasten maturity.

*Prune once the flowering cycle on a stem is finished.

*Prune severely, leaving only 2 or 3 nodes from where the growth originated.

After pruning, "The Night Blooming Jasmine" will quickly re-sprout and once again a new stem will develop, which when mature will flower. To maintain as a contained potted plant, prune hard on a regular basis.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Thanks for the tips, robert. Cestrum to be a growing fiend. If you keep potting it up, it can go from a 12" twig in a 4" pot to 6 feet tall in one season.

Definitely need full sun for lots of blooms. Also need lots of water when in pots, as they quickly outgrow their pots. Holding back on water causes those grown in pots to droop and drop buds and flowers prematurely.

I haven't noticed the "new growth needs to mature" thing, but maybe my definition of mature is different than theirs. Cestrum blooms on new wood, so pruning and pinching the tips makes for lots more blooms. Pruning gets rid of lots of old wood that won't bloom except at the tips, and lets the plant bush out with lots of new growth.

You don't have to prune after each bloom cycle to get more blooms. I get lots and lots of blooms, and prune only when it gets ugly or rangy.

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