When should they come out of the basement?

susan926January 29, 2005

I dug up my geraniums this fall & hung them dry roots in the basement -in the window well. When should they be brought up & replanted ??? Thanks, Susan

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Susan....give it a couple more weeks. There's no rush.
What you want to have happen is when you do bring them out, cut them back and re-pot...is the sun power to encourage them to re-foliate and eventually bloom.

The sun is slowly coming back....its almost light now at 7.00 in the morning and the sun is still up at 5.00....so its coming....but it cant be hurried..it will take its time and so should you.

Bring them out about the 15th of February and give them the best sun you can.

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Susan, I'm becoming more and more antsy myself about wanting to bring my 8 plants out of hibernation.

The way I see it, I use mid February as the usual time for this task...and loving it....but I can see too where, if the exposure of where these plants go into, is not the best, then doing it much later should be considered.

If say, the exposure was in a northerly direction, if that is the best one can hope for, you might begin the operation toward the end of February...into March even. If its a south or west exposure, and there is no obstruction to the full sun getting to the plants, then mid to late February can still be thought of.

Myself I am forced to use my easterly looking windows and they do quite well by mid April with much foliage.

The thing is you don't want your plants to be subjected to low sun values. Otherwise, you are likely to get stringly stems and weak foliage. Hence the reason why mid February is selected. At that time, the sun is reasonably high enough to give to the new plants sufficient sun-power to encourage good strong growth.

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Do you have to worry about frost or freeze? Or is it just the amount of sun power?

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Do not bring them outdoos until after last chance of frost. They can be brought out and grown indoors from february/march.

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Thank you one & all, I forgot about this post & the geraniums as well until today!! So it looks like today is the day. The sun is in my kitchen westerly window all afternoon, so that is where they are going.
Thanks again, hope that they make a good recovery...Susan

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Me too Susan. I've done a bit of pre-planning that I didn't bother with last year but I think having the soil all prepared for going into the pots saves a lot of mess.

I make a habit of mixing well into the potting mix some sand and some peat moss I've wetted down with hot water.
I make sure the pots all have shards on the bottom of the pots to allow good drainage. And I have put away some overnighted water in my large watering can.

So.......off to it!

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How did your plants do? We'll be trying to save a bunch of large ones this winter. I didn't know that we could just hang them in the basement. The few that we have saved before were always saved in cardboard boxes in the crawlspace.

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nope just hang them up and forget about them. Some will come back and some will not

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