Alstroemeria Sweet Laura fragrant?

fragrantgardener01June 7, 2009

I saw this plant at a friend's house recently. It has beautiful flowers. But neither my friend nor I could detect any trace of smell, let alone "fragrance." My friend grows it in bright shade. Maybe it'll be more "fragrant" in full sun?

I'd like to hear if anyone on this forum has smelled the fragrance of this plant. It's so pretty that it's worth growing any way, but fragrance would make it extra nice.



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My Laura isn't sweet, either. She doesn't even have that green scent some plants have. And I've tried smelling in every condition. Mine's in full sun. Like you said, pretty, but a fragrance would be nice since it's advertised as having one. P.S.-Mine took about 4 years to bloom. No idea why.

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